Greetings! The Summer season of anime is now in full swing while the Spring season is hitting it’s conclusion. For me (as is the case with many others), I am starting to compile a list of series that will be consuming my precious free time. I also took the opportunity to check out some series on my very length back log list. This weeks list is quite lengthy with this week certainly being one of my most productive in recent memory. So let’s get to the list!


Hanebado! Ep. 1-3

Angels of Death Ep. 1

Bang Dream Ep. 4-13

Cells at Work Ep. 2

Planet With Ep. 1-2

Harukana Receive Ep. 1-2

Holmes of Kyoto Ep. 2


Space Battleship Tiramasu Ep. 13

Baka and Test Ep. 12-13

Hinamatsuri Ep. 12

My Hero Academia Ep. 51

HunterxHunter Ep. 99-100

Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory Ep. 9

Golden Kamuy Ep. 12

The Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These Ep. 10

Steins Gate 0 Ep. 12

Haikyu Ep. 1-2

Aggretsuko Ep. 9-10


After completing Aggretsuko, I can agree with many people that the series is one of the best ones of the year. I personally enjoy series such as this one where they explore different themes such as workplace dynamics. they can be a great stress valve to watch. The comedy was spot on- I found myself saying to myself on multiple occasions, “wow I work with someone like that!”. I am really excited that they announced a season 2 of the series, it is a fun watch.

cells at work

Cells at Work presented us with another fun episode this week. I was of course glad to see the sensation Platelets return in the episode. Those characters are so damn adorable! I also enjoyed how quickly the series goes from insanely violent to adorable in the same episode. I am also excited to see a show with some educational value and admittedly I am geeking out a bit by it. I studied Biology in college and think that it is cool that were able to make fun series where you can learn some science. And this series makes that a lot of fun.

bang dream

I also finished my first watch through of Bang Dream and it was an awesome experience. It was a great story about a group of characters coming together to achieve a dream. The characters were all awesomely fun to watch, the story was great and inspirational, and it was overall a fun time. I have seen these type of anime before (big fan of Love Live) so I knew what to expect going in. Regardless, I still really enjoyed the journey and the rockin’ music that accompanied it. Needless to say, I am a fan of the franchise.

fmp tessa

It was great to finally see what was happening with the other members of Mithril in Full Metal Panic this week. It was great to see Tessa and the crew still fighting the fight despite what happened in the opening episodes. It was also great to see Tessa vent her anger the way she did and the reaction of her crew was priceless. It seems like we might be in for another fight in the final episode and hopefully it will be a strong finale. In doing research, I do know that the story is far from being resolved, so let’s hope they leave it in a good spot.

golden kamuy 12

Speaking of finales, Golden Kamuy’s finale episode was a lot of fun to watch. Knowing that the second season is coming made the ending point really easy to swallow. I am glad that the series is getting a second season, it does a great job of mixing comedy, action, and intrigue. We got a fair amount of comedy in this episode which I was fine with. It is also clear that we have a nice dynamic between the members of the main cast as well. All in all I enjoyed the episode and eagerly await it’s return later this year.

Also, Hinamatsuri nailed it’s finale. We got to see more vintage Hina at work in the episode- the mountain rescue sequence was great. I’m going to really miss that show and really hope for a season 2 down the road. The ending left it open as a possibility so let’s hope that we see it soon. I’ve said this before but there is a reason that the series is easily the sleeper hit if the Spring.

I suspected that Holmes of Kyoto would go into more of a mystery mode with episode 2. And I’m glad that they did. Guessing who done it is always a fun little game to play for me. Admittedly, the events of the episode were light for a mystery show but it was still fun to watch. A slice of life with some light mystery elements is just fine with me. I like the dynamic between Holmes and Aoi- it’s fun to watch. I don’t mind a slower series after a crazy day. And sadly I was unable to guess the culprit of the episode.


There are also a couple of promising sports anime out this season. Harukana Recieve and Hanebado. Both series look like they will stay on my watch list this season. I haven’t explored sports anime as a genre that much, but watching Megalo Box ignited an itch to check more in the genre. Fortunately, we have two new entries this season. It is the mark of a good series if it can make invested in sports such as volleyball or badminton. I mean being entranced by a badminton match is really surprising to me.




Having no new sub episode of Steins; Gate 0 this week was a real bummer.

Other Thoughts

Really enjoyed the first episode of Chio’s School Road and am thinking I might watch that as one of my dub series this season. Comedies tend to better dubbed in my opinion (of course there are exceptions) and I always like to spread out my viewing between subs and dubs anyway. Gives me something new to watch if I don’t have the capacity to read at the moment.

Planet With was also quite interesting…I’m curious enough about what is going on to keep watching.

So that concludes my rundown for this past week. What did you enjoy from the last week? What new series would you rec commend? Please comment below or let me know on Twitter (@Railgunfan75) or Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog). Next time will be post number 200!! I am excited to reach the next milestone for the blog and am also stoked to share my waifu list with you. I’m still having a hard time finalizing the list lol. So until next time, this is railgunfan75 signing off! See you soon and stay geeky my friends!

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