Greetings! Another week is in the rear view mirror and with it another round of anime. We are now full swing into the summer season and it is getting off to interesting start. There is definitely some good viewing to be had with the new season and a few series which I have yet to check out yet but it is clear that this season is not going to come close to the awesomeness that was the spring season. A few amazing shows are carrying over such as My Hero Academia and Steins; Gate 0 and there are some new gems such as Hanebado and Cells at Work. However, the number of such quality shows has certainly decreased with the new season in my opinion.

So let’s discuss what I did watch last week…


Steins; Gate 0 Ep. 14

Cells at Work Ep. 3

Holmes of Kyoto Ep. 3

Hanebado! Ep. 4

Harukana Receive Ep. 3


Steins; Gate 0 Ep. 13

Haikyu! Ep. 3-8

Big Windup Ep. 1-11

Space Battleship Tiramasu Ex 1

Full Metal Panic IV Ep. 10

Harukana Receive Ep. 1


As I mentioned last week, I am kind of a sports anime kick of late and I have found some series to satisfy that itch. I am at about the halfway point for Big Windup and the show has delivered on a good story and interesting characters so far.  I like how they made sure to highlight the key points of each game that the team has taken part of. I am happy I decided to check that series out.

haikyu 1

Another series that I have been watching is Haikyu and it is a great series. I can understand why it gained popularity when it first aired. The story progresses at a nice pace, the characters and character dynamics are fascinating to watch, and it actually teaches you about the sport of volleyball. I think it is a nice touch that slowly introduce elements of how the sport works. As someone who never watched volleyball before, I appreciate that.


For the new sports anime on the list, Hanebado is off to really good start in my opinion and this weeks episode with the introduction of a new rival was actually quite interesting. I will also comment that the animation for this series is on point- they did a great job with this series so far. I am also liking the way the series shifted focus a bit as it is clear that Ayano is the main character now.


It was also nice to see the girls of Harukana join up with other players as well. While our two MCs are great characters, it is always nice to get more a supporting cast in play. We also got to see another volleyball match which have been done really so far in this series. This series also has some potential as well, the first few episodes have served as a nice start to the series.



Cells at Work continues to impress me. I’m sure the Macrophages will become a new fan favorite I’m sure. She was totally bad ass. They do a great job of making it’s subject content fun to watch. I really don’t care that it is a villain of the week type show, it actually allows for variance in the episodes. Loved that this week had a zombie apocalypse type feel.  My one question is…why didn’t the platelets get any screen time?

fmp iv ep. 10

Full Metal Panic had another well executed episode this week. It was awesome that got to see more of Kaname’s situation and the impact that it has on her. I’ll admit that while I had suspicions, the reveal of the commander as a traitor was a bit shocking. I have heard that the final episodes don’t resolve the story, but I am still excited to see the final 2 episodes once they are dubbed.

sg 0 14

Finally, we have the newest episode of Steins; Gate 0 which was another great episode. We continued to see the progression of Maho’s character arc (who is a great character by the way) and steps toward taking the action needed to reach the ultimate goal that the series is striving for. We also had some great moments with Suzuha this episode. I agree with other fans that Steins; Gate 0 is doing her justice. It seems like we are certainly working to progress the story as we hit the final 10 episodes.


My Hero Academia’s dub had a week off this week which was a bummer.

Other Thoughts

As for shows that I still want to check out, I think Chio’s School Road and Island will be dub only for me- the dubs premiere this week. Probably will watch the new season of Attack on Titan as well.

This might be a good stretch of time to start tackling my back log… so expect to see some more older series hit this list over the coming weeks. Unless of course I get of bunch of suggestions on new series.

That concludes my thoughts for the week. What did you enjoy from this past week? Any shows that I am missing out on? Please comment below or message me on Twitter (@Railgunfan75) or Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog). So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off. See you soon and stay geeky my friends!