Greetings! Apologies for the missing post last week. Sadly I couldn’t muster up the time or energy to compose anything last week. I am back however with a post discussing the highlights from the last two weeks. Many of my Summer series came to an end these last two weeks with the only exceptions being dubs that I have keeping up on.


Steins;Gate 0 Ep. 22-23

Asobe Asobase Ep. 7-9

My Hero Academia Ep. 62-63

Harukana Receive Ep. 12

Cells at Work Ep. 12-13

RErideD Ep. 1-4

Holmes of Kyoto Ep.12

Major 2nd Ep. 17

Hanebado Ep. 12-13

Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family Ep. 10

The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 1


Steins;Gate 0 Ep. 20-21

Chio’s School Road Ep. 9-10

Dragonball Z Kai Ep. 41-48

My Hero Academia Ep. 60-61

FLCL Alternative Ep. 3-4

Haikyu Ep. 23-25

Double Decker Doug & Kirill Ep. 1


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (Dub)


The final episode of My Hero Academia really served as a tease for what is to come in season 4 and it did a great job of wrapping up the season.  The introduction of all of the new characters in the final episodes was well done in my opinion. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of the Big Three in future episodes- these characters were great. I also enjoyed how they reminded the audience about how much improvement the 1-A students still need to undergo. That was an awesome demonstration with the fight sequence in the final episode. I will also note that the dub version of MY hero Academia is the best way to watch the series, the dub version of the Deku/Bakugo fight was the superior version in my opinion.

mha 2 heroes

Speaking of My Hero Academia, I did get a chance to check out My Hero Academia: Two Heroes in theaters and it was a blast to watch.  Sure, it wasn’t a game changing story at all, but that didn’t matter to me. It had plenty of great character moments and action. Seeing All Might in his prime, seeing Deku fight alongside All Might, seeing Bakugo and Todoroki in action together, and many other scenes were awesome to watch. Also, I am always down to see more of characters and a universe that I enjoy. I had fun watching the movie and eagerly await the blu-ray release whenever that comes.

SteinsGate-0 Ep 23

Of course, I would doing a great disservice if the didn’t discuss the amazing ending to Steins; Gate 0. We finally have the dots connected between 0 and the main series and it was an amazing ride. We all know that this isn’t the final timeline for Okabe and despite the events being erased, the series did a magnificent job making you care anyway. I was generally satisfied with where the series ended and even though there are still a few questions to be answered, overall the series did a great job wrapping things up. I enjoyed how Mayurii is really a main catalyst for Okabe’s success and it was great to see her contributions. I liked her character before this series, I loved her character after. I also thought the end credits scene and Okabe’s grand rescue was incredibly epic. I was jumping for joy when that scene happened. I will miss this series a lot and it will be hard to fill the void especially once the dub ends.

On a side note, I stand firm in my belief that the dub for Steins; Gate is the superior version of the series. Can’t wait to see the final episodes dubbed.


Cells at Work delivered a pretty tense two part finale. Considering the tone of the previous episodes, the finale was surprisingly dark and I thought it was a welcome change. They upped the stakes with this two parter and gave us a good story. I was almost to tears when Red Blood Cell was continuing to trek on despite the dire circumstances. It was great to really see her grow in the final episodes. This is certainly a series that I wish would get a second season. The series was a lot of fun to watch and I am going to miss it.


While the final episode of Hanebado certainly wasn’t garbage (there were certainly great scenes), I was disappointed with the way that certain plot points were handled. The other characters just accept that Ayano being a jerk is just the way she is (which was unacceptable for Aragaki in the beginning) and the conflict between Ayano and her mother was really brushed aside. I figured there would be plot points left open but it was disappointing that these weren’t handled a bit better. Overall, the series was a good entertaining watch, it just misses being great.

I also am disappointed that we have reached the end of a surprisingly good season of anime. I will miss the excitement of watching many of these shows each week. Yes, we still have the dub series such as MHA and Steins;Gate for a couple more weeks but seeing the sub finales means that the end of the dub episodes is on the horizon as well.

Other Thoughts

The first wave of Fall 2018 anime started this past week and we have a couple of promising series in Double Decker and The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. I am looking forward to see more of these series, for now I will be sticking with them.

I am stoked that we got two amazing comedies in Chio’s School Road and Asobe Asobase this season. Both series have been absolutely hilarious from the start. Both are just absolutely full of absurd adult humor and I am loving it.

FLCL Alternative continued it’s brilliance with the last two episodes. The series continues to impress me. I talk about it’s brilliance every week so I won’t bore you with more details this week.

That concludes my post for this week. Hopefully, I will be continuing this with minimal interruptions in the future. What did you enjoy from the past couple of weeks? Please comment below or let me know on Twitter (@Railgunfan75). Also, there is still room for nominations for My Best Boy Classic tournament. You can find the details here. Nominations close this weekend, so get your picks in! Until next time, this is Railgnfan75 signing off. Stay geeky my friends!