Greetings! I know that I have been silent on the blogging sphere for the last couple of weeks. I hit another period where the time for blogging just really didn’t exist for me. Between the Thanksgiving holiday (a late happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers), a con vacation, and other life things that I needed to do all of my time and energy was just sucked up the last few weeks. I also decided that I needed to reflect as to where I wanted to take my blog. 

There were two things that I had to do some thinking on. The first was my 2018 Best Boy Classic and the second is the weekly What am I Watching Posts. I’ll start with the Best Boy Classic. After some thought, I am stopping the competition. To put it simply, the engagement and responses from the community just weren’t there especially in the last two rounds. The amount of responses received steadily decreased with each round to the point where it became clear that the interest had dissipated in the event. I had hoped with the event to engage the community and get some discussions and the like but it just didn’t really happen- not enough to make the time it took to set up and run the event worth it.  For those who were curious, here are the results of the last round. 

Okabe Rintarou  3  vs Kamina 1

Ciel Phantomhive 3 vs Saitama 1

Sebastian 3 vs Edward Elric 1

Spike Speigel 2 vs Testsuya Kuroko 1

To those of you who participated- thank you. I was excited to hear from you your thoughts on the best characters in anime. 

I am also suspending the weekly “What am I Watching” posts as well. I guess the intent of the posts (to give a weekly discussion about anime) kind of went sideways after some weeks and the posts really just became carbon copy posts of one another. Towards the end, I wasn’t satisfied really with my writing on those posts. Also, my anime viewing was getting to be more inconsistent due to life issues. As for any replacement series, I am not sure as of yet what I will do if anything at the moment. My goal is to try to come up with something after the New Year’s holiday. 

Also worry not, I still plan on posting stuff. I am not suspending the blog entirely. I am just in a bit of a renovation mode at the moment and am tossing around some ideas to freshen up things for the readers. 

Speaking of new things, I am looking to do something special for the holidays (such as reader requests or special blog series) as a thank you to the readers. What I need is suggestions or ideas from the readers as to what you want to see. So drop me a line in the comments or on my Twitter page (@railgunfan75). I am curious as to what you guys want to see. In years past, I have done stuff like reviewed movies instead of series. I could do something like that or something holiday themed. Either way, I want to hear from you. So send me your ideas!

That’s all I have for now. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off. See you soon and stay geeky my friends!