Greetings! It is now day 2 of My 2018 Movie Special and I have another great movie to discuss with you all. My Hero Academia is as you all know one of the biggest anime hits of recent memory. As is usually the case with successful long running series, MHA got a movie to add to it’s narrative. The movie saw a stateside release this past summer. As we all know, anime movies based off of series tend to be a mixed bag with many losing much of the magic that make the series great. Does My Hero Academia: Two Heroes fall into this trap? Read on and find out!


After receiving an invitation from an old friend, All Might and Izuku Midoriya travel to I-Island, a island devoted to the study of quirks to attend a special event. Also on the island are other students from Class 1-A who also happen to be attending the event. It seems like the trip is meant be fun and games until villains appear with desires of their own. It is up to Izuku and his fellow classmates to defeat the villains and save the residents of I-Island.


Just like many others, I admittedly was a bit apprehensive going into this film. Let’s face it, anime films based off a series tend to be a mixed bag. Fortunately, I was not disappointed by this film at all. In fact, I feel that it is a wonderful inclusion to the My Hero Academia. Though not a perfect story, it was still a blast to watch.

I guess I will get any negative comments out of the way first. If I were to say anything bad about My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is that there was one notable missed opportunity in the movie. The trailers for the movie sold the story as an exploration into All Might’s past. And honestly, that would make a great story. However, we get very little of that in the story. We get a couple of scenes which really serve to introduce the characters and their relationship to All Might. That is fine from a narrative perspective but I certainly would of liked to see more of that. Being able to find out more about All Might and One for All will be great to see, we just didn’t really get that here. This didn’t ruin the movie for me and probably a minor nitpick.

Besides that, I thought the movie was absolutely a blast to watch. With Two Heroes, you get a fun extended adventure with most of your favorite characters. The characters that are featured have plenty of great moments crammed in to the film. While you won’t see much in the way of characterization, you will see plenty of bad ass moments in the film. You get to see awesome things like Bakugo and Todoroki fight side by side. Best girl Ochaco gets some great action scenes as well. And of course the final fight pairs up a couple of characters (which I won’t spoil) in a fight that we all wanted to see. There are also a bunch of humorous moments in the film as well. The film does a great job of keeping up the tension while still including the typical MHA style humor and craziness.

You also have the introduction of a couple of characters which would be great to see more of in the My Hero Academia universe. First you David Shield, All Might’s former sidekick. You got to see glimpses of a different type of relationship between him and All Might. His story was also one which was very relatable and understandable as well. Then you have Melissa Shield which could certainly be a nice complementary character to the cast and friend to Deku.It was to see someone with whom Deku could sympathize with who was also a peer. That is admittedly something that was missing from the his story so far. Hopefully we will see both of these characters more in the universe beyond this movie.

The film also boasts a fun hero story. Our heroes are tasked with saving hostages and defeating the villains. A standard story yes, but one which is told rather well. The elements which make the series great also are p[resent to elevate the plot of the film to the point where you don’t care about the simplistic nature of the plot. My Hero Academia has always done a great job of changing up the standard story and presenting it in a way which feels fresh. The character interactions, the awesome nature of the powers and how they interact, and the quippy dialogue help to elevate the series and they certainly elevate this movie.

And finally, the move looks absolutely gorgeous as one would come to expect from my Hero Academia. They did not skimp on the production cost of animating this story and the visuals take an extra step up from the series (which says something in my opinion). The soundtrack is also what you would come to expect from the franchise which many heart pounding awesome music tracks that just all have the superhero feel to them.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is a great addition to the My Hero Academia franchise. It may not have game changing events for it’s main cast by it does have plenty of great character moments and battles mixed with a fun story about a group of heroes just trying to save the day. This movie certainly has my recommendation. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check it out when it releases in the spring on Blu-ray. It is a great film.

That concludes Day 2 of my Movie special. Did you see My Hero Academia Two Heroes? If so, what did you think? Please comment below or leave me a message on Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog) or Twitter (@Railgunfan75). So now it is time for the reveal of the movie that will be discussed for day 3. Our film for day 3 takes us on a wacky adventure presented with a very cool art style. The film I will be discussing is…. The Night is Short Walk On Girl! So look forward to that coming soon. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off and saying Happy Holidays!