Greetings! I am going to try something new this year, gaming content. I haven’t posted a lot of video game content on here in the past but I have been avid gamer for most of my life. I would like to try is to post more video game content as that has always been one of my top hobbies even if I just don’t have as much time for it anymore. One of the games that I have managed to squeeze some time in for is Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I have been a huge fan of the franchise since the Nintendo 64 original and jumped on the chance to buy ultimate when it came out. I am by no means a competitive player. I don’t play in tournaments and rarely play online but I still have a blast with the game. However, I thought would share with you My Top 5 favorite Smash Ultimate characters. This is by no means a tier list or a testament to the strength of the characters. This list is for fun and a way to show you all the characters that I enjoy playing the most. I’m also going to include a couple of honorable mentions as well. for characters that I also enjoy but didn’t quite make the cut. So here are My Top 5 favorite Smash Bros Ultimate characters.

Honorbale Mentions



#5 Zelda

Yes, the best days of the character were when you could swap back and forth between her and Sheik giving you a rather insane character for any situation. However, despite the changes I still find myself gravitating towards playing this character. A nice combination of short and long range attacks and a really cool final Smash. Since I don’t really like many of the heavy hitters, I generally will use Zelda if I’m looking for a heavier hitter in a match.

#4 Lucina

My choice for those close combat scenarios, Lucina is quick and execute a flurry of attacks and give the necessary final blow in a battle. Many of the characters on my list have ranged attacks and when Lucina came around I figured I would try hand at a pure short range character. Her attack and run speed are an incentive for me (as I don’t like slow characters) and her attacks are powerful and varied enough for me to have fun. Admittedly, she is the one character on the list that I still need the most work with but I’m still having fun and that is all that matters.

#3 Pikachu

Pikachu is my light weight speedster on the group who also can pack a punch from time to time. I like how Pikachu can do great things both in crowds and in one on one battles. Pikachu’s Thunder attack can be great for clearing out crowds while his side special can cover ground quickly and turn the tide of a battle. Pikachu’s mobility is also near the top of the scale. when I know I will be playing a fast opponent or on a tricky stage, Pikachu will be my pick for that battle.

#2 Corrin

The newest character on the list, Corrin is a character which I enjoyed from the start. I have had a fair amount of success of late in online matches with the character and I think it is because of Corrin’s power and attack range. Corrin can cover the stage in a split second, stun the opponent with one attack and the land the decisive blow with the next. Corrin also has a nice final smash and nice long range smash attacks. You can body up slower characters and use the ranged attacks against faster ones. While not as versatile as the #1 character, Corrin is still a fun as hell character to play.

#1 Link

Link makes the number 1 spot on the list for me because of how versatile of a character he is. Link has the capability to thrive in short range combat, can play the role of damage sniper is need be or a mix of both. Link has been my go to since the original Smash because of his flexibility and how easy and forgiving he is to use as a character. Link’s Smash attacks are very satisfying to execute and his item attacks can be fun and trolly. It also doesn’t hurt that the Legend of Zelda has been my go to franchise since I was a kid.

So there you have it, my picks for my Favorite Smash Ultimate characters. Like I said in the intro, I am not even close to being a pro at this game, these are the just the top characters that I have fun with. It is not a tier list by any means. Who do you enjoy playing as in Smash? Please comment below or message me on Twitter (@railgunfan75) with your choices. I am thinking about doing a stage countdown in the future so stay posted for that. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off. See you soon and stay geeky my friends!

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