As I have said previously, 2018 was an absolutely amazing year for anime. It also was a spectacular year for the blog as well. The blog saw record numbers for site views and visits as well as posts and comments. For the first time this blog surpassed 20,000 site views last year. To me that is an absolutely amazing number! I am a small time blog who is usually unable to post daily and doing multiple weekly episode reviews (or some of the other ani-blogging staples) is impossible for me and yet I still had 20,000 + visitors to my site last year- that just amazes me. Of course I had my most productive year of blogging to date with 77 posts published which was way more than I had figured I get done. And of course both the comments and likes were at all time as well meaning that I was able to engage more with the community than ever before! For those who are curious, here are the actual stats.

Views: 20,971

Visitors 13,798

Likes 482

Comments: 85

Posts: 77

I don’t blog to try to shoot for huge numbers, I do it just to simply talk with my fellow geeks. However, for a small time operation like myself, these numbers of quite impressive and I am happy that so many of you both are willing to take the time to read my stuff but to also engage and comment. And for that I want to thank you all. You all are amazing and knowing that there are just people out there who want to read and enjoy what I have to say makes me feel great.

As for the coming year, I have a few new things in mind that I would like to try out. The first thing I am looking to do is to start a series of posts where I discuss things that I like that many others don’t or opinions that seem to be unpopular. The frequency is TBD but I am leaning towards doing those once a month maybe. The second thing is that I plan on adding more ways to interact with the readers. One way I came up with is to do a poll questions that would be included at the end of posts and results would be discussed with future posts. That might be once a month as well. Next (and I have already started doing this), I want to widen the variety of topics that I discuss. I want to do more opinion pieces, talk about stuff like video gaming, collecting, and manga/comics. By expanding my scope my hope is that I will have easier time providing content to you on a more consistent basis. I will still be have anime/manga as my main focus but expect me to branch out every once in a while. I am also looking at maybe attempting some video content but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen.

I also wanted to give a quick update about the blog’s anime awards. It is now the middle of January and I know I am one of the few out there who hasn’t shared with the world my 2018 picks. To be honest with you, I am actually still working on my completing my watch list from last season and find time to check out the new season’s entries. And also admittedly I am a bit torn as selecting winners is actually proven to be quite difficult. As I mentioned in my reflection post, there were a lot of amazing series from last year and all are worth recognition. As such I have decided to just do a series of posts highlighting the great anime and characters from last year. This just seems like a better way to approach the topic in my mind.

So that is all I have for you all. To those of you who took the time to check out this blog, thank you. To those of you who have blogs or other anime content of their own, best of luck to you on you ventures in 2019. If you have any thoughts let me know in the comments below or you find me on Twitter (@railgunfan75), Instagram (railgunfan75_blog) or Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog). So until next time, stay geeky my friends!