Greetings! I am taking a break from my 2018 retrospective to write a little side post. This post revolves around a small change to my blog posts going forward. The change will be centered on the following message.

Remember to show consideration and respect to those around you no matter what your differences are. It goes a long way.

Of late, due to multiple incidents that have occurred in the community, there has been a lot of negativity and toxicity not only towards members of the anime fan community but towards those who work insanely hard to make the thing the we enjoy so much. The people attacked either have chosen to share exciting new things with the fans or have decided to speak up for causes that need as much support as they can get. I support anyone who stands up to say that something bad has happened to them and I support those who wish to implement change in our culture.

Regardless on where you stand on those issues, I implore all of you in the community to show the respect and courtesy that you would expect from others. Disagreements or differences in opinion are fine. It’s ok to not like someone’s statement or a creators work of art. It is not alright to wish harm to those individuals who happen to disagree with you or those who create something that you don’t like. Seeing different perspectives allows us to grow as people and discover new things.

I know that some of you reading this might think that I am being preachy or think that I have some god complex or something. That is far from true. I have made mistakes, I have judged people, been rude and discourteous towards others at times. I need to improve on things myself. I won’t ever deny that.

I also know what the power of a positive statement will do for you. There have been days where I was down or going through a tough time and the thing I needed was an encouraging voice or just someone to show that they cared. It is a terrible feeling when people don’t care but it is a wonderful feeling when they do. Having positive interactions with people can make a huge difference to someone.

That is the core of the message and what I want to remind myself and the community each time I write a post. Make someone’s day better, respect others, and listen to new points of view. That’s why we ani-bloggers are here right? To share and experience new points of view and to do so in a way which gives others the respect that they deserve.

That is why I will try my best to spread some positivity with my writing. Hopefully this message with remind me to be a better person and remind the reader to spread some kindness and respect around. Until next time, this is railgunfan75 signing off!