Greetings! Railgunfan75 here. Welcome to my 2019 Fate Franchise celebration! Long time readers know that I have been a long time fan of the Fate franchise and consider it to be one of the best franchises that anime has to offer. I would like to start the festivities by sharing with you some of the reasons that I love the franchise, my experience with watching the franchise and how I discovered these wonderful series.

My first experience with the Fate franchise was actually with Fate/Zero. I literally stumbled upon the series at a local con back in my early days of watching anime.  The series was still relatively new and the con was showcasing the series as part of it’s video programming block. After previewing a few episodes at the con, I decided that I wanted to see more. After the con, I proceeded to find the series on Netflix and powered through the rest of the series in a matter of days. Little did I know at that time that I had opened a gateway into a vast and amazing universe. The decision to sit in that room would give me something awesome to be passionate about. The Fate franchise soon became one of my all time favorite franchises in any form of entertainment.

It really didn’t take me long to get hooked on the franchise. I was immediately intrigued by it’s premise- figures from history and myth battling it out in a battle royal in the modern era as servants to mages just sounded like it was going to fun to watch. I have always had an interest in history and to see something which takes those figures and adds a fantasy twist is really cool. I actually found myself doing some real life research on some  of the characters because they intrigued me so much. Of course there is more to the series than just aspect of it but that is one of the things that I had most fun with.

Speaking of fun things, I am also really impressed by the grand scale of the battles that occur during the series. Fate does not skimp on it’s battles. Each conflict is done on a fast pace. They take place over minutes, not episodes. Long enough to be exciting but short enough in order to let you move on to the next event. These battles are EPIC to experience and as over the top as you could ask for. These are battles between powerful individuals and Fate is not afraid to show it. I could use a bunch of words to try to really sell this point, but the battles of the franchise are something that really need to be experienced to get the point across.

Many series and stories have epic and awesome battles. However, few are done with such an emphasis on the combatants themselves. The characters are one of the major appeals of the franchise to me. The Fate series for those not in the know loves to takes its historical/mythological figures and add twists to them. This could be a change in the character’s gender of physical appearance. I know this bothers some people but as an alternate history idea, it works really well. It adds an element of surprise to the narrative. The characters also serve a more important purpose than just to do battle. They are the crux of the narrative. The character’s past, motivations, and their hopes and desires are all explored in Fate not just with the summoned individuals but also with the mages themselves.

Because the narrative focuses so much on it’s characters, Fate contains many intriguing narrative elements and character arcs. The characters really drive these stories and the series is not afraid to question it’s characters motivations and get it’s audience to sit back and think a little. What does it mean to be a ruler? Should one live with regrets? What does it truly mean to be a hero? What must you sacrifice to obtain your dream? All of these questions and more addressed throughout the series and honestly such scenes are just as fascinating to watch as the battles themselves. Fate with these questions and discussions presents us with imperfect characters. All have something which humanises them and makes them vulnerable and capable of making mistakes. The franchise also manages to masterfully blur the lines between hero and villain with some of it’s characters. In some cases it is not really clear if there is a true hero to the story. I find that to be an incredibly refreshing counterpoint to the infallible protagonists that some stories have.

Of course all of these things are presented in an incredibly aesthetically pleasing package. The animation and sound quality for these series is among the best that I have ever seen. The animation is gorgeous with stunning backgrounds, cool character designs and insanely well animated action sequences. The soundtrack and them songs capture both the excitement of the battles and the emotions of the series characters. A mark of a good soundtrack is that it makes you feel and boy do the Fate soundtracks make you feel.

The Fate franchise gives it’s audience grand characters, epic battles, and thoughtful and inspired narrative all wrapped in a gorgeous package with spectacular visuals and a soundtrack for the ages. The Fate franchise to me is a prime example of a mature and thoughtful series mixed with action and excitement that anyone can enjoy. The stories of it’s characters- their wishes, hopes, and dreams are all something that we can relate to. Those components for me make up not only a great narrative but also great entertainment. The Fate franchise is more than meets the eye and those who check it out are in a for a real treat.

So on that note, I will wrap up this post and my introductory remarks for this franchise celebration. I have a lot more to come in the coming weeks and hope that you stop back and check it out. I am excited to do this event and hope that you will all have a good time as well. But now, it is time to sign off. Remember to show consideration and respect to those around you no matter what your differences are. It goes a long way.  And of course stay geeky my friends!