Greetings! I am back from a too long hiatus with the continuation of my 2019 Fate Celebration. For this installment, I will be doing another installment of Top 5. The subject matter is you guessed it related to the Fate Franchise. The Fate franchise is known for it’s colorful and diverse cast of characters, one could say that the characters are one of the major strengths of the franchise. So my Top 5 today will look at some of those characters specifically the Servant characters that resonated with me in some way. The tragic pasts of most of the franchises’ characters have always served as a reminder of the struggles that many of us go through in our daily life. These larger than life figures are in fact very human in Fate and to that is one of the series’ major strengths. This list will look at my favorite Servant characters from Fate. For this list, characters from the main series (Zero, Stay Night), Apocrypha, The Grand Order anime, and the Extra anime series will be eligible. Since there are seven main servant classes in the series, I thought I would change it for this list and include my Top 7 servant characters. And I will put a spoiler warning as I will be including servant names and other things from the series. So you have been warned. So without any further delay, let’s get to the list.

#7 Ruler- Jean D’ Arc Fate/Apocrypha

Fate/Apocrypha is full of cool characters and one of the top ones for me was Ruler. Ruler steals the show with her wisdom and kindness, a set of traits that is admittedly suprising for someone who is so young. Her cool demeanor is also worthy of respect as well. Considering her tragic past it is admirable that she still can be on the side of the good considering what happened to her. She could have easily become one of the villains but instead was on the side of justice. She also doesn’t yield to anyone and exudes confidence. Her strength of character along with her kindness are the main reasons that she makes this list.

#6 Saber- Nero (Fate/Extra- Last Encore)

While Extra is easily the most bizarre of the Fate series, there was one thing that really stood out to me, the character of Nero. Amidst all of the chaos on screen Nero is a fun, energetic, and proud individual who became instantly likeable. While other characters with egos can tend to draw hatred, Nero’s ego was a trait which actually make you like her more. She has confidence, elegance, and of course insane skills as a swordswoman. She also shows her loyalty on multiple occasions as well which admittedly is a bit surprising considering her history and personality. Nero is another great example as to how nuanced Fate characters can be.

#5 Archer- Gilgamesh (Fate/Zero and Stay Night)

It is good to be bad and Gil is the definition of a great villain character. A complete selfish asshole, he represents the side of us that we all would like to tap into- the side that only cares about oneself. He is that bad guy that you honestly feel guilty rooting for but can’t help doing so. What makes Gil such an awesome character is that he can honestly back up all of his trash talking making him even more interesting to watch. He seriously is a bad ass who defeats most of opponents with ease. In many cases he doesn’t even have to lift a finger while he is simultaneously beating down and trolling his opponent. He is the bad guy the we all love to hate and there is a good reason that he is one of the most memorable characters in the Fate universe.

#4 Saber of Red – Mordred (Fate/Apocrypha)

Mordred reminds me of that kid in school who was always willing to rebel against authority and do their own thing. Even her character design gives off that vibe of the rebel rock star. Despite all that, she was not a character that would go out of her way to do despicable things, she is just the type that you don’t want to cross. She certainly has the skills to back up the trash talk and attitude in battle. Mordred also has a great rapport with her Master/partner Shishigou and honestly that dynamic was easily the most interesting part of the series.

#3 Rider-Iskander (Fate/Zero)

Iskander is a character that I enjoyed from his first introduction. A truly larger than life personality which matches his insane physicality. He is certainly one of the more lighter type characters in Fate universe in the sense that he wants to take full advantage of his second chance and enjoy the wonders of the world. He also wishes to push himself and the others around him to do their fullest and in Zero, he easily had the best relationship of any servant with his Master Waver even if it took some time to develop. Also serving as a well needed mentor to young Waver, Iskander showed on numerous occasions his wisdom. A great overall character that certainly deserves a spot on this list.

#2: Archer- Emiya (Fate/Stay Night)

Archer is just one of those characters that has always been fun to watch. Not only he is adept with both swords and blades but his chemistry Rin (one of the best girls of Fate) is completely on point. He has once the best characters introductions in Fate with a short but sweet battle with Lancer, has a totally awesome look to his character design and an attitude to go with it. He is the anti-thesis to Shirou (for some obvious reasons as revealed later in the series) and in some ways the representation of what the audience thinks. He is certainly the equivalent of the bitter old man that we all both grown at and respect. Archer is a fan favorite character and I can certainly understand why.

#1 Saber – Altria Pendragon (Fate/Zero and Stay Night)

Yes, I know that this is one obvious pick. In fact long time readers probably guessed this one right away as she took the top spot in my Top Female Characters list from some time ago. But, honestly how could she not take the top spot? A strong, kind and loyal person who sticks to her morals, Saber is the type of character that I can respect. Her strength in battle is intense and her strength of character is as well. Saber just has an aura of strength and nobility which few other characters have. It is also easy to admire her sense of morality and loyalty to those whose she battles with. Saber also has a softer side as well and when she shows it she is incredibly fun to watch. Any scene that involves her and food just proves to be pure gold. There is a lot to like about this character and she was one of the reasons that I fell in love with this series.

So there you have it, my Top 5 servant characters in the Fate universe. There honestly are so many amazing characters to choose from that it was tough to compile this list. Who are your favorites? Please comment below or send me a message on Twitter (@railgunfan75). There is still more Fate content to come so keep an eye out for it to be coming soon. So until next time this is railgunfan75 signing off. Remember to show consideraion and respect to others around you no matter what your differences are. It goes a long way. And remember to stay geeky my friends!