Greetings! The Fate celebration continues with another Weiss Schwarz related post. Ironically back in May when I started the celebration, the game received another Fate set. Of course the focus of the set this time is the Heaven’s Feel story line. Also, this set will be releasing in English so for you English players this is a good preview as to what to expect. As such, it is an appropriate time to do another set overview. For those not in the know, for my set overviews I will look at a handful of cards from each color that are either noteworthy for their contributions or are just interesting. I typically do a seperate post per color but this time there will only two posts. Because this is compatible will all of the Fate/Zero and Stay/Night sets, there are fewer new ideas or needs that the set has. As such there are typically fewer cards that have a impact in a card pool so large. This does not mean that the set us bad by any means. This time I will look at the Yellow and Red cards and the next time will look at the Green and Blue cards. So let’s not delay any further and get started!

FS/S64-001   Saber, Pure King of Knights

Traits: サーヴァント (Servant), 武器 (Weapon)
[C] If you have 2 or more other Characters with ::Master:: and/or ::Servant::, this gains +1000 Power.
[A] CX COMBO When the Battle Opponent of this becomes Reversed, if “Strike Air” is in your Climax Zone, look at up to 4 cards from top of your Library, search them for up to 1 Character with ::Master:: and/or ::Servant::, reveal it, put it in your hand, put the rest in the Waiting Room, choose 1 of your Characters, and that Character gains +2000 Power for the turn.

FS/S64-021 Strike Air

[C] All your Characters gain +1000 Power and +1 Soul.

As a Saber fan especially, I am glad this combo was printed. This card combo is certainly what Fate was looking for. Other previous combos either had a cost or were optimized for specific decks. One of the things the set lacked was a costless selective midgame combo that could dig for basically any character. This combo can be used in multiple deck types which is it’s main appeal. This combo also effectively lets you mill cards as well which can be useful to help recover from a lousy early game. Getting the reverse and activating the combo should be easy as Saber is 6500 power with the climax on the first attack and the second and third copies are likely 8500 power. I like the additional power boost the combo gives as well, clearing your opponents board at level 1 can be swing the tide of a game and this combo makes it easy to do that. The climax is also pretty good with the shot climax being one of my favorites. Overall, this is a fine climax combo and one worth your consideration.

FS/S64-002 Shirou, Who is Justice For

Traits: マスター (Master), 武器 (Weapon)

[C] If there are 2 or fewer Climax cards in your Waiting Room, this gets -1 Level while in your hand.
[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, look at up to 3 cards from top of your Library, choose up to 1 of them and put it in your hand, and put the rest in the Waiting Room.
[A] When this attacks, choose 1 of your other Characters with ::Master:: and/or ::Servant::, and that Character gains +X Power for the turn. X = 500 times # of your other Characters with ::Master:: and/or ::Servant::.

This is another niche role that needed to be filled in some fate decks- a level 3 which can bridge that pesky level 2 gap and provide some nice utility along the way. While the advance summon condition can be missed sometimes, it is still not the worst out there. The cards on play effect can help you dig for pieces of your level 3 combo (including climaxes) which is also nice. Having an easier way to get the climaxes back means that you don’t need to worry as much about holding them in the early game. Finally, the third effect is also nice with a maximum of 2000 power given to something. This can help overcome other advance summons at level 2 or to activate on reverse effects at level 3. It is weak on power itself meaning that an assist would be needed to battle other 3s and you probably would want to spend the stock on your finisher cards at level 3. This card is not bombastic by any means but still a nice roleplayer.

FS/S64-005 Saber, Holy Sword Windup

Traits: サーヴァント (Servant), 武器 (Weapon)

[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, choose up to 1 of your Opponent’s Characters and return it to hand, and this gains +2000 Power for the turn.
[A] [(1) Discard a card from hand to Waiting Room] When this attacks, you may pay cost. If so, all of your Characters with ::Master:: and/or ::Servant:: gain +500 Power and +1 Soul for the turn.

Cards like this level 3 is a nice complimentary to an endgame attack . You can bounce pesky assist characters or monstrous front row characters making the execution of your game plan a bit easier. At the same time the card gets larger with the effect which is also a nice addition. A 12000 power level going against an opponent that likely just lost it’s power boost can have a battle in it’s favor. The second effect can effectively act like playing a global soul climax. The extra soul can be used to really push for damage or to make side attacks and precision damage more effective to execute. This card can be an interesting plan B for an endgame attack or a great assist for your main one.

FS/S64-006 Shirou, Shy Expression

Traits: マスター (Master), 武器 (Weapon)

[C] ASSIST All your Characters in front of this gain +500 Power.
[S] [(1) Discard a Climax card from your hand to the Waiting Room] Choose a Character in your Waiting Room and return it to your hand.

This assist is of note because of it’s secondary effect. The ability to trade climaxes is something that all of wish we could have at some point. It is a situational but really useful effect especially if you want to pay out stock and switch climaxes. A fun little thing you can with this effect is pay the cost and if that stock paid was a climax you need, grab that climax to hand. This won’t be necessary every game but it is a nice tool option to have.

FS/S64-007 Gilgamesh, King of Heroes

Traits: サーヴァント (Servant), 武器 (Weapon)

[C] ASSIST All your Characters in front of this gain +500 Power.
[S] BRAINSTORM [(1)] Flip over the top 4 cards of your Library and put them in the Waiting Room. For each Climax card revealed this way, choose up to 1 Cost 0 or lower Character in your Opponent’s Front Row and put it in the Waiting Room.

Sometimes the classics never die. This brainstorm effect was first prominent in the old Railgun days and now having this effect is more relevant than ever. Most newer sets rely on a costless early an midgame and having the ability to kill those characters and get a free attack is surprisingly strong. What is also nice is that you can spam this effect to pay out buried climaxes if necessary. The assist effect is average and you might still want a plussing brainstorm in tandem with this but if you are looking for an assist card with a bonus this is it.

And now on to the red cards..

FS/S64-056 Saber Alter, Cruel King of Knights

Traits: サーヴァント (Servant), 武器 (Weapon)

[C] If there are 2 or fewer cards in your Stock, this gains +1500 Power.
[A] [(1) Discard a card from your hand to the Waiting Room] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, you may pay cost. If so, search your Library for up to 1 Character with ::Master:: and/or ::Servant::, reveal it, put it in your hand, and shuffle your Library.

It is actually amazing that up to this point that the series did not have an on trait search card (The Fate/Zero EB had an Irisviel searcher but she was not Master or Servant trait making it touch to grab via other effects) . Well now it has it and almost any deck would benefit from having this hand filter and deck searching option. This also is a nice early game beater option as most decks will not 3500 power anymore except for reversers. This makes the card useful in more phases of the game which makes this more worthy of deck space. It certainly deserves a slot in many decks.

FS/S64-057 Rin, Supervisor of Fuyuki

Traits: マスター (Master), 宝石 (Gem)

[C] Your Opponent may not play Events from hand during battles involving this.
[C] During your turn, this gains +2000 Power.
[C] All your other Characters with ::Master:: and/or ::Servant:: gain +500 Power.
[A] [(1)] When your Climax card is placed in the Climax Zone, you may pay cost. If so, look at up to 4 cards from top of your Library and search for up to 1 Character with ::Master:: and/or ::Servant::, reveal it, put it in your hand, and put the rest in the Waiting Room.
[S] [(1)] Choose 1 of your Opponent’s Level 0 or lower Characters in the Front Row and put it in the Waiting Room.

Wow so this card has a lot of effects but the question is whether they are useful effects or not. I would say that overall the answer is yes. Rin is useful in the sense that the card can be useful in both the front and back row. This can be a decent size attacker at 4000 power and with assists it can be big enough to reverse some things. It also stops backups from your opponent as well. It also can get rid of some larger level 0 characters facing it is a well if you need a stock out. In the backrow slot, it can be useful as a global 500 assist and as a nice means to cash in a climax play. The search top four effect is a good effect and a means to pay out a needed stock before your attack or in the case of a stock soul climax you can activate the ability before placing the stock. This card has a nice variety of effects and is worth playing a couple of copies.

FS/S64-059 Archer, Myriad Tactics

Traits: サーヴァント (Servant), 武器 (Weapon)

[A] When you use the BACKUP of this, if you have a Character with ::Master:: and/or ::Servant::, choose 1 of your Characters in battle, and that Character gains +1000 Power for the turn.
[S] [Counter] BACKUP 1000, Level 1 [Discard this card from your hand to the Waiting Room]

Yet another effect which many sets take for granted finally makes its way to Fate. Yes, there are other counters in the set but this one encompasses both major traits in the set. This card profile has always been good and it is certainly a useful tool in pretty much any Fate deck.

FS/S64-063 Rin & Archer, Heroic

Traits: マスター (Master), サーヴァント (Servant)

[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, if there are 5 or fewer cards in your Library, return all cards in your Waiting Room to the Library. If so, shuffle that Library, and draw 1 card.

This card is a reprint of a promo and it is an effect which certainly can be a useful addition. Refreshing minus the damage is nice but doing it while replacing the card you just played is also nice. The 5 or fewer cards from hand is certainly restrictive and there will be games where the opportunity will be missed to play this. This is not the best refreshing option out there due to the consistency issue but your deck is not any worse for including this.

FS/S64-069 Saber Alter, Unyielding Offense and Defense

Traits: サーヴァント (Servant), 武器 (Weapon)

[C] For each Character in your Opponent’s Back Row, this gains +1000 Power.
[A] CX COMBO When the Battle Opponent of this becomes Reversed, if “Excalibur Morgan” is in your Climax Zone, deal 1 Damage to your Opponent. (Damage Cancel can occur)

FS/S64-081 Excalibur Morgan

[C] All your Characters gain +1000 Power and +1 Soul.

Saber themed decks get a boost with this combo. I usually am not a fan of level 2 combos and in most decks this combo would be outclassed by many level 3 combos but the Saber decks don’t have a great endgame combo and this fills that role nicely. Yes this is a level 2 combo but the card can get to level 3 levels of power fairly easily. With the climax it is 10500 not counting any assists or supplemental power bumps so it can get big enough to reverse some things. It would be better if it got bigger and was a level 3 especially since the likelihood of 3 reverses at the power level is slim but with the other Saber level 3s, you will likely get off a burn or 2. If you manage the reverse, burn 1 effects are always nice at both level 2 or 3. This is certainly a niche combo but not a bad one.

FS/S64-074 Rin, Protection Proposal

Traits: マスター (Master), 宝石 (Gem)

[A] ENCORE [Discard a Character card from your hand to the Waiting Room]
[S] [Discard a “Archer, Battle-Ready” from your hand to the Waiting Room] Look at up to 4 cards from top of your Library, search them for up to 1 Character with ::Master:: and/or ::Servant::, reveal it, put it in your hand, put the rest in the Waiting Room.

FS/S64-072 Archer, Battle-Ready

Traits: サーヴァント (Servant), 武器 (Weapon)


Yes I featured an ability less card which is a first for me but there are actually merits to running this combo. As I mentioned before, the check top 4 effects are incredibly powerful. You can get a card you need and you can mill through your deck. This combo trades the on play to needing a specific card but being able to do it multiple times. I honestly don’t think this is a bad trade off especially considering that the Rin has an encore effect allowing it to stick around for multiple turns. Running a 3K vanilla is not the worst thing as it can be a beater at level 0 and can be useful in conjuction with the Rin at later levels. Of course there are downsides. You need to have the two cards to this, you also need to trade a level 0 card for the Archer which is bad in some decks. It certainly is not ground breaking or the best type of effect printed but it works well in Rin/Archer decks where this type of effect is really needed.

So there you have it, my spotlight picks for the Yellow and Red cards from Fate/Stay Night Heavens Feel. What do you think of the cards? Any good combos that I missed? Please comment below or message me on Twitter (@railgunfan75). Coming soon as part of the Fate Celebration will be the Green and Blue cards to the set. So until next time this is Railgunfan75 signing off. Remember to show consideration and respect to others around you no matter what your differences are. It goes a long way. And remember to stay geeky my friends!