Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with a quick post to check in with all of you out there. As some of you might know, I have recently purchased my 1st home. Well, all of the documents and technical stuff is now complete and now is the time for the move. The last few weeks have been insanely hectic and the coming weeks will be as well. Some extra things needed to be done to prep for the move and well some things still need to be done. It is nothing major but a few small renovation projects are needed before I can move in. While stressful at times, this whole process has been fun in it’s own way. I’m fortunate that I’m only moving a few minutes from my current residence and have a boss who is very understanding with taking time away from work. Both of those things have been a huge help. Of course my massive collections of anime, manga, figures, and the like are a chore to move but it will be worth it once I can put that stuff on display. Once I get some things setup, I will share some pics with you all.

As one can understand, I have had little time for blogging and have watched only a small amount of anime. A couple of new series that I have been able to enjoy are Tower of God and Kakushigoto. I am excited to talk about these series and others with you all once I complete my move. Other things are taking priority at the moment but rest assured I will be back in full force once this is all over with. I thank everyone who submitted characters for the Waifu tier list. I have saved all of the submissions and that will likely be the first thing you will see once I get back here hopefully within the next month or so. I do have some other things in process as well so look forward to that.

I hope everyone is doing well and I am glad to see so many great blog posts out there. I will try to sneak in reading some content when I can and I look forward to keep reading the great content on this platform. Rest assured, I will be back with some new content hopefully in a few weeks time. So remember to stay safe, stay respectful, and stay geeky my friends! See you soon!