Greetings! Railgunfan75 here and it is great to be back! The hard part of my move is finally complete and while I still have a bunch of unpacking to do, I have internet installed at my new place, a workstation ready to go for my computer, and a desire to get back to blogging. And while there were some hiccups getting to this point, the experience is going to be worthwhile as I know that the choice to do this was a good one despite feeling exausted right now.

This is pretty much how I felt in the final days of the move.

I am looking forward to writing again and have already gotten back to work on some posts that I had planned before my break and also on some new ones that I came up with on my hiatus. One of those is the waifu tier list which I almost finished with- just have to do the stuff on Tiermaker to present it to you. Speaking of, I likely have that post ready at the end of the week and didn’t get too many suggestions for it, so if you have a last minute suggestion for me to add please comment below with the character and series.

I did get a chance to spare some moments here and there to read some of your guys awesome content and I am happy to see the community as active as ever. It was great to escape even for a few minutes. As for anime, I am honestly in catch up mode especially from the last couple weeks. I managed to keep up with a couple of shows and I have a bunch I need to make up. I am making progress on that front and should be caught up on my season watch list soon.

And yes, I did promise pics of my new place but it is mostly box pics like the one to the right. And that is not fun or exciting to talk about all. In fact, this was taken one of the first days that i was moving and the number of boxes grew considerably since then. Of course I’ll share some when I get the cool stuff unpacked. Just don’t be surprised if it takes me a little to share these with you. I think it will be fun to share some tidbits from my collection with you all as I think I have some cool stuff and would love to geek out over it.

So expect some posts in the coming days and expecting to see me hanging around the blogging sphere a bit more. I think I have some great stuff lined up for you all and am looking forward to reading your stuff. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off. Stay safe, stay respectful, and stay geeky my friends!