Greetings! I am back with the second installment of Otaku Opinions. Last week was our introduction to this new series. For those who aren’t in the know, this series will feature a weekly poll where I get your opinions on various topics and add in my two cents as well. There will be a new post every Thursday (barring some unavoidable circumstance) sharing the results of the previous week and introducing a new poll. Last week’s poll question stemmed from the long standing debate concerning whether Netflix’s seasonal release strategy was a good thing or not. I was curious as to whether each side had a valid argument in terms of viewership. My thinking is that if the community is split in their viewing habits than either argument is invalid as their is a strong case for both. So I decided to ask you all your opinions concerning your preferred way to view anime and to see if my thoughts were correct.

So without any further delay here are the combined results from the blog and on Twitter. The questions asked was: Which viewing method of watching anime do you prefer?

I prefer to marathon an entire series at once. 2 votes

I enjoy watching anime weekly or in small amounts. 1 votes

I do both. It depends on the mood I’m in. 3 votes

There was also a response indicating that the person’s choice was based on whether the anime was a new seasonal one (which they watch weekly) or finished (which they did the marathon approach). This admittedly was an option that I should have included in my poll.

Given the small number votes I obviously can’t draw any definitive conclusions but seeing the fact that more people chose a flexible viewing didn’t really surprise me. I suspected that we wouldn’t see one side dominate the other. Different people have different ways that they approach tasks and this should apply to anime as well. In my anime circle we have different philosophies when it comes to approaching anime so it doesn’t surprise that we see that here. Also limiting one’s viewing habits to one extreme or the other makes watching anything a bit more difficult in my opinion. While this doesn’t “answer” the debate once and all, it still was a fun exercise to conduct.

So where do I stand? Honestly for me it really depends on the series that I’m watching and what my mood is at a particular time. Because honestly both methods of approaching a series are fun ways to watch. I really enjoy watching weekly anime and having the cliffhanger endings and torturing myself by waiting until the next week. I usually will commit to half a dozen shows a season to watch weekly (which is where I’m at with this season). I enjoy being able to discuss the currently airing series with people. In the case of completed series, I enjoy having the option of continuing with an engaging story, being able to continue to laugh and cry with the characters. I don’t mind getting caught up in a single series for hours on end. I have had this happen with two series recently that I am watching for the first time- Azumanga Daioh and Nichijou. Doing both has proven to be a great option for me especially if there is a light season for new anime. If I only pick up a couple new shows, I have no issues with tackling my backlog. Both approaches have their pros and cons just like with many other things. I have consumed anime using both methods and have not had a bad experience doing so. I love having the freedom to choose whether I want to want marathon a series or watch the currently airing seasonal anime. I love seeing a story all at once but acknowledge that the experience can far too quickly. I also love watching a series weekly but have experienced the pain of waiting a week for that next episode. The key is that I can choose to watch most anime in any way I want. It’s a luxury that we are lucky to have.

In the lead in to the poll last week, I said that I used the Netflix vs Anime services debate as the basis of my question. I have seen the rhetoric that Netflix is ruining anime because it id not approaching things the same way as the other services. Do I feel that this is the case? No I don’t. Netflix is a great medium for new fans to get entry to anime. I used Netflix back a lot when I was a rookie anime watcher. Do they fully understand the anime community? No they don’t. Would I like them to release some series as it airs? Absolutely. I think they could air a show subbed weekly and do the dubs at a later date. I just keep in mind that the site became popular because of the binge philosophy and there are people who prefer to binge over watching anime weekly. Netflix caters to those prefer to binge and to new fans. For Netflix is not the greatest service out there nor is it the worst. I will check out the Netflix originals but I spend most of my time on other services due to the options that they provide. Hopefully, my stance on the issue makes sense to all of you.

So now onto this weeks’ topic. This weeks topic is a bit on the lighter side than last weeks’ poll. Anime as we all know is an immersive medium. One of the major components that many people remember is the soundtrack and opening/ending credits themes. Compared to other forms of media anime contains quite a selection of memorable music and the music in itself is a sizable industry. Anime has many memorable opening and ending credits sequences. Some of these are as popular as the anime themselves. However like many other aspects of anime it does lead itself to a debate. In my anime inner circle I have people which love watching/listening to the credits and others who feel it is a waste of time. And I have seen arguments for both sides of this topic. For this weeks’ poll I want to hear from you..

This poll will also be posted on Twitter if you wish to answer it there. The poll will be active until next Thursday. If you have any comments about the poll question or the topic I discussed please feel free to comment below. I’m always open to reading your opinions on topics such as this. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off. Stay safe, stay respectful, and stay geeky my friends.