Greetings! Welcome to Otaku Opinions, the weekly series where I discuss various Otaku themed topics with you the readers. This is already the 4th installment of the series and we have had some great discussions so far. I hope to keep the train going with yet another new topic this week.

So here are the final results for last week’s poll question:

Does a projects’ staff or studio influence whether you watch an anime or not?

Absolutely! This gives a better sense as to whether it is good or not. 2 votes

No it doesn’t. I like to watch with no pre-conceived ideas. 10 votes

Sometimes. The creators can sometimes be a selling point or detractor but not all the time. 8 votes

I first wanted to say thanks to those who retweeted the poll on Twitter and spread the word around. We had a record number of votes and I am excited to see more people chiming in on a topic. I must say that I was a little bit surprised to see the votes skew towards the no category. I have seen plenty of instances online where people have dismissed a series/film due to the creators behind it. I had honestly figured it would of been a more even split between the two extremes. Let’s also not ignore the high group of people who somewhat in the middle in regards to this topic. I’m not surprised that there are people who fall into this category.

As for me, I would put myself in the sometimes category. I try to not let any previous experience with a studio or creator influence whether I would check out another of their works but sometimes it is hard to avoid. There have been cases where I have seen works by a studio or director, really enjoyed the experience and was hoping to repeat that experience. Of course I would want to repeat a pleasurable experience. The works by Kyoto Animation has been a prime example of this for me of late. As I discussed in earlier post, I have been on a mission to check out their various works partially because I have enjoyed pretty much everything they have produced. I was really curious as to the other entries in their library. I also admit that I will check out any future entries that produce. Their track record is too good in my opinion. The films by Satoshi Kon have been another example of this as after seeing Perfect Blue in theaters, I have jumped at the chance to see his other works. In both those cases it is tough to avoid who created the works as it is one of their selling points. Let’s face it, it can hard to avoid the outside influences when it comes to marketing something.

I want to make it clear that the influence on me typically revolves a positive experience and I can count on one hand the number of times it happened. If there was a show/film that I didn’t care for I won’t ignore other works by their creators because I didn’t like one thing that they did. There are multiple reasons that an anime can fail and I like to give the benefit of the doubt to creators/studios who maybe had a misstep with a particular project. There is also a chance that some outside influence affected the way a series turned out. Also for the most part I don’t actively look for who created an anime. If I hated something, I don’t track down the creators/studios and put them on a don’t watch list.

The truth of the matter is that for years I couldn’t tell you who most of the studios were in fact. That was not something that I ever really looked at. Anime is anime for the most part. Yes a few creators/studios stand out in my mind but I feel that the works should be judged on their own merit. While I enjoy all of Kyoto Animations works, there are some that I liked more than others for example. The fact that that the studio made an anime doesn’t automatically make it a 10/10 experience. I liked many of the series before I even put together that they were all done by the same studio.

If one bases their viewing choices solely on the creators that that closes so many doors. I believe that thinking solely in terms of the creators that way causes you to miss out on so many gems from creators that you might have dismissed. I will say though that avoiding the influence is nearly impossible. I have a few cases where a creation rises to the top of my list simply by the studio/people behind it. I am not going to pretend that this doesn’t happen for me. I think the key is to just keep an open mind and admit that yes preconceptions can effect your decisions. It perfectly fine to go back to a creator’s new work because you loved what they did before. That is what a lot of people do. I believe that avoiding a series/film due to a bad experience with a creator is something to try to avoid. I understand if people do make this judgment ( I have done this in the past myself) as it is natural to avoid repeating bad experiences but I push to avoid that as much as possible. I don’t succeed all of the time but i make a conscious effort to keep an open mind.

So now on to the next topic. For this weeks poll question, I would like to explore the fact that most anime are in fact adaptations of other works of literature whether it be novels, video games, or manga. It is common practice to use anime to help promote those other works and encourage people to invest in the books, games, etc. There are plenty of fans that solely stick with anime as their preferred experience and believe that it is the best experience. Others are strong believers in the idea that the source material is best and prefer that over the anime adaptations. And finally their are some people who believe that both have their merits. This is an interesting topic of conversation and I would like to explore this further. I want to know where you stand on this topic. So this week’s question is…

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