Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with a brief update. A couple of years back I had a blog post series called Chibi Reviews where I was writing miniature reviews of anime series/films. These were meant to be a shorter and more casual discussion of some anime. I attempted it for a few series and it really didn’t work out. The posts were not really relaxed and almost as long as my standard writing. I gave it up as it seemed silly to have two separate review series that were basically the same. There are also some series that I would love to talk about but either the short nature of the series or the type of series itself doesn’t lead itself to a long review. I figure this could also work for some films as well. I will still do long form essay type reviews so if you like those don’t worry. They will still be happening.

After some thought I have decided to bring it back but with some changes.

-The reviews will be around 500 words or less. I want to have something quicker to read than my typical reviews. The longer reviews will be still happening but some of my thoughts series lend themselves better to a shorter format.

-I will simply be answering whether I enjoyed a series/film and whether I would recommend it or not. In the earlier version I had rankings, I won’t be doing that. If I included rankings again it would lead me down the trap of a more formal review.

-I will try to post 1-2 of these reviews per month. They won’t be on a set schedule like Otaku Opinions but I would like to talk about more anime series as there are so many great series/films out there. It should also give me a chance to engage a bit more with everyone.

-This might extend to manga/light novels or video games as well. There are some great manga/novels out there that haven’t been adapted into anime yet and this might be a great platform to discuss them. No guarantees that this will happen but I am keeping this open as a possibility.

Hopefully under this plan I can find the time to discuss more great stuff with you all. I am experimenting with ways to consistently contribute to this great platform while not breaking my free time schedule. The support of late from everyone has been great and my hope is that I will get your continued support with the new ideas that I have. I enjoy blogging and discussing anime with you all and hopefully this will let me talk a little more about anime with you all. I do have a couple of series planned already but I will leave which ones a surprise for when the post is ready to go.

And as always I am open to any suggestions for series/films to watch and discuss or any feedback concerning my content. I always like taking suggestions as they can lead to those fun and unexpected surprises. Many of my favorite series were found due to recommendations. I also don’t mind offering my opinions on anime- if I hated it, I wouldn’t be here. So feel free to leave suggestions and thoughts in the comments!

And that is all I have for you this time. Until next time, this is railgunfan75 signing off. Stay safe, stay respectful, and stay geeky friends! See you soon!