Greetings! Welcome to week 6 of Otaku Opinions. I apologize for this post coming a bit late as I hit some technical issues in getting this to you. The feedback continues to be awesome for this series and I thank you. I also want to thank those who gave me their opinions for the 100 follower special review. I have the series picked out from the suggestions and should have a review up fairly soon. I won’t keep you in suspense any longer- let’s check out the results for last week’s poll.

Does seeing spoilers of an anime/manga that you are enjoying bother you?

Absolutely! I want to be surprised! 5 votes

Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t. 10 votes

Not at all. I can’t wait to find out what’s coming! 5 votes

I will honestly say that I expected to see a split like this with this question. I figured that we would see multiple votes in each category. I think though we did reach an all time high in votes which is really awesome!

Now on to my perspective. Do spoilers bother me? Well I would say that I fall into the sometimes category. In general I try to do my best to avoid spoilers. For me finding out all of the details of a story in advance can ruin the fun of enjoying a narrative. For series that have a long running narrative or an overarching story I have fun rolling with the punches and discovering what the writers have in store for us. I also enjoy those aha moments where a major plot point ties into previous events and the great identity reveals that you may or may not see coming. While a stories’ ending and character’s fates are exciting to find out I also enjoy the journey to get to those points.

As much as I try to avoid spoilers there are some cases where my curiosity is just too much for me. While rare this has happened to me. There are some cases where a cliff hanger is just too much to bear and I find myself looking for some hint as to what is to come. I have spoiled some series for myself sometimes to my excitement and others to my disappointment. I won’t pretend that I’m not human in regards to this. And if I do look ahead in a manga or check out stuff online at that moment of weakness I at least tell myself that I still have the journey to look forward to. I still get to experience the journey to that point.

Give a spoiler warning or get out of a discussion!

Of course I also acknowledge that spoilers in their entirety are impossible to avoid. This is the age of the internet, of people reading a source material which is far ahead of an anime or of people who got to a series or book before I did. Also anime distributors post videos or screenshots of upcoming episodes to promote them. And while at times it can be disappointing, I do my best not to get angry at people who do so. It doesn’t work all the time but I try my best. Some people love to drop spoilers and some just can’t wait to see what is going to happen. I get that. I will say that giving spoiler warnings in discussions is appreciated and good form. Give me the choice about whether I want to be spoiled or not. If you have to, don’t be a jerk about it.

A point was brought up in last week’s comments by Krystallina that spoilers are less troublesome as a show gets older. I would certainly agree with this statement. I am certainly bothered less by spoilers for an older show. It is assumed that many people have watched the show or have an idea as to what it going on after a certain point. And that is a fair assessment in my opinion. I have honestly used some spoilers to determine whether an older show is worth my time or not. I’ve seen clips online or read/watched of some older shows and thought “Wow that show seems great”. If a collective community has seen and repeatedly discussed a classic show then spoilers become inevitable and in some cases a selling point for me. And also after a period of time certain plot points of popular franchises just become common knowledge anyway. If something is a few years old and you are trying to find out about it, you will run into spoilers and honestly I’m ok with that.

And now for this weeks poll question. One of the big aspects of the anime and other fandoms is of course conventions. Cons have been growing exponentially in recently years and expanding to more and more places. They have become a representation of the growing anime. So I wan’t to hear from you. For this week’s question, I want to know…

I am really curious as to what you have to say. So please vote on here or on Twitter (@railgunfan75). The post will on Twitter shortly after the post publishes. Also any suggestions for topics are welcome! So until next time, this is railgunfan75 signing off. Stay safe, stay respectful, and stay geeky my friends!