Greetings! We have made it to week 7 of Otaku Opinions and as usual I would like to thank everyone for the support of this series so far. The support has been a great motivator to keep me going and hopefully I can keep providing interesting topics for you. I’ll admit I had a misstep with the current topic but hopefully this week’s topic will be more interesting.

Here are the results from last week’s poll.

Do you attend anime/manga conventions?

Sure do! I Love meeting feeling fans. 2 votes

I would love to but haven’t been to one yet. 1 vote

Nah. The price/crowds are too much for me 0 votes.

Thanks to everyone who voted! I realize in hindsight that my question from last week really didn’t lend itself to much debate. One needs to take a look at the number of attendees and realize that a lot of people like to attend these events. And of course I am among those people who just enjoys the convention experience. I won’t go into insane detail as I have discussed this a few times on here already but for those who may be new I’ll give you a brief rundown.

I started attending cons regularly way back in 2010 (this was before I got into anime). A started with comic/video game conventions as those were the big things that was into at the time. I simply wanted to have the chance to meet people and check out a welcome environment for geeks. My first big con was Comic Con International in San Diego back in 2010. And before you ask, yes it was a spectacle even back then. Attendance that year was at least 120,000 and the idea of that many people gathered in one place to celebrate anything just blew my mind. For some perspective that is about 40,000 people more than the population of the city that I live in.

Of course, once I was introduced to anime, I started to attend anime cons. I was curious to find out more about anime and figured that going to an event filled with anime fans would be a great way to do so. In fact the viewing rooms introduced me to a wider range of anime. Because of this I tracked down anime on Netflix, signed up on other streaming services, and haven’t looked back.

Besides the discovery of additional anime, I had come across a really fun environment. The chance to meet fellow fans and people in the industry have been so much fun. I have a terrible time holding conversations with people normally but at a con being able to talk openly about something is great. I know people complain about lines at cons quite a bit but for me they can be a great experience as you can talk with and get to know people much more easily. You have something in common with the people around you and that is a great starting point that you don’t necessarily have anywhere else. There are also the cool cosplay, the sweet merch, and anime/manga industry there to show off their great stuff. For me the anime con has become a staple for me. In a normal year it not uncommon to attend 4-6 cons of varying sizes. I just love the experience of being able to geek out and have fun with fellow fans. If you haven’t experienced this yet, I would recommend doing so (once it is safe to do so of course).

And now we move on to this week’s poll question. There is a ton of anime out there to consume. Typically every three months we get dozens of new anime to watch to add to the thousands of series/films out there. Deciding what to watch can be a huge chore as there is of course a limited amount of viewing time that we have. Some people have dead set rules for keeping/dropping a series- the infamous three episode rule comes to mind. For this weeks poll question I want to find out more about how you decide what anime to watch.

The poll question will also be up on Twitter (@railgunfan75) after this post publishes if you are interested in voting on there. Also please feel free to leave any comments concerning the topic that you may have. That is all I have this week. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off. Stay safe, stay respectful, and stay geeky my friends!