Greetings! Welcome to the first instalment of the reformatted Chibi Reviews. When I decided to bring this back, there was a series which immediately came to mind that would be perfect to discuss. This series involves Chibi style characters and also happens to be a short form series with episodes clocking in at around 10 minutes. Starting in 2019, anime fans have been treated to 2 seasons of a show which features an all star cast from various Isekai shows. Characters from Konosuba, Re:Zero, Saga of Tanya The Evil, and Overlord come together to form the Isekai Quartet.

The MCs from the 4 mains series. Characters from other series also appear but I won’t spoil that.

So what is in store for people who decide to watch this series? One would expect considering the nature of the series except for Konosuba that you would get an action-packed drama. Well, you would be disappointed as the series is more focused on the comedy aspect of putting these crazy characters together in a single world. And honestly, it works rather well. Isekai Quartet decides to embrace the absurd elements of each of the series. For the Konosuba cast it was a natural fit but for the other three series it works great as well. Each of the franchises’ characters have elements which lend themselves well for a comedic setting. It was great to see such moments as Kazuma and Subaru discuss their experiences or Aqua try to destroy Ainz. The series is just wacky and I mean that in a good way. There are no complex story lines with massive character developments, it is just some fun adventures with these great characters. Sure an epic serious crossover would work great with these characters but I have no problem with receiving a comedy.

I could watch Ram drop quips for an entire day and be satisfied.

As a comedy, the series hits most of its notes rather well. Isekai Quartet doesn’t try to hard with it’s comedy because it doesn’t have to. All the characters involved are quirky or crazy in some way. All that needs to be done is to place these characters in situations where they can show off their insane nature. Of course, there are some jokes that either miss the mark or don’t hit as hard when they involve a series that you may not be a fan of. That is really the key as to whether you would enjoy this series or not- whether you are a fan of the series/characters involved. Isekai Quartet is really filled with easter eggs and jokes tailored to fans of the four series. It also does a wonderful job of paring characters together for great comedic effect. Because the characters are so great the series can take cliché events such as a school festival and put a fun new spin on it. They also take some iconic sequences and put a new twist on it which was a lot of fun. They also included minor/one off characters at times as well. Again these amount to some cool scenes for fans of the series. I certainly found myself laughing a lot at those moments. Of course comedy is subjective but I found the comedy to be quite funny throughout the series.

I liked the chibi art style for this. It just seemed perfect.

The animation is not anything mind blowing as the series keeps to a cartoonish/ chibi style for it’s setting and characters. However, this fits it rather well and works as a great visual reminder to the fact that it is meant to be a fun take on it’s characters. The style works because it allows you to forget that most of the characters hail from more serious franchises. Being able to suspend the disbelief is key in something like this. This also opens up more possibilities in terms of the comedy. The theme songs involve the various characters and are quite fun to listen to. I liked that the ending sequences were in a 8-bit style (like the video game). The nerd in me thought that is was a nice touch.

Some things never change- YunYun can’t catch a break even in another world.

Overall, Isekai Quartet offers a fun side story for fans of the franchises involved. It takes great characters and puts them in mundane situations and because of their insane nature you get crazy and wacky events. The animation style is fun and fits the series content. Fans of Konosuba, Re:Zero, Overlord, and Tanya the Evil will have fun with the series. I happened to be a big fan of most of the franchises involved so for me the series was quite enjoyable. However, due to the nature of the show if you are not a fan then this series is probably not for you as many of it’s jokes are nods to characters and events from the specific series. If you are a fan of these series and haven’t watched it yet, check it out! It certainly has my recommendation for any fan of these franchises. There is a season 3 coming so you can also look forward to that!

That completes my Chibi Review for Isekai Quartet. I am excited to be able to discuss this series with you all. What did you think of the series? Do you like the review format? Please comment below with your thoughts. So until next time this is Railgunfan75 signing off. Stay safe, stay respectful, and stay geeky my friends.