Greetings! We are back with the 8th installment of Otaku Opinions. Thanks again for all of the support that this series has received! Now onto the results for last week’s poll!

Do you have a set of rules which dictate whether you keep watching or drop an anime?

Absolutely! I only want to watch the absolute best. 0 Votes

Nah. I just go with my gut on whether a series will be worth my time. 6 Votes

On certain genres/types of series I do. 1 Vote

Thanks to everyone who voted! I’ll admit that I was a bit surprised on the results for this. Considering How particular some factions of the anime community can be, I figured we would see at least a fraction of responses that said that they have a hard set of rules.

So do I have a set of rules that I follow? I would have to say that I fall in the go with my gut category. For me it is just mostly whether a series hooks me or not and whether my gut tells me that a series will be worth my time. How long does it take to determine that? I certainly don’t think the three episode rule works for me. First off if the first episode just sucks and has nothing to suck me in why waste 2 more episodes on a show? Also there can be an intriguing idea or two introduced in episode 1 but it takes 5-6 episodes to get to again. If they don’t get to it by episode 3 then dropping it could cause me to miss out. The three episode rule doesn’t do much for long running narratives such as My Hero Academia where it really gets it’s footing in the latter half of season 1.

I try not to get pinned down on a series I don’t like.

I am also not afraid to drop a series even after investing more than a few episodes in it. I have had series that I dropped after one episode and others that I dropped 9 or 10 episodes in. While I get bummed about a series where this happens, I also acknowledge that the only way to know was to watch it to that point. Also sticking with a series that is just not entertaining anymore is just isn’t worth my time. I mean if I got enjoyment from a few episodes it wasn’t a total waste.

I also don’t have rules in regards to the types of series/films that I will check out. In other words for the most part I try not to let the genres or studios solely influence my decision to stay with a series. One example of this is with harem anime. Harem anime don’t top my list of preferred genres but there have been some harem series that I have quite enjoyed and others I didn’t. I simply try to take it on a case by case basis.

I try to be flexible and opened minded when it comes to watching anime. I learned early on that doing so can allow one to find some truly great content and enjoy things that I never thought I would have fun with. It also alleviates pressure to stick with a show I didn’t like. I have a limited amount of anime viewing time each week and going with my gut has helped me make the most of that time.

And now we proceed onto the next poll question. Anime’s influence on animation and entertainment has been growing in recent years around the planet. Some popular series have arisen that have been inspired by anime and/or borrow elements from anime. Anime itself has many definitions based on who you talk to and defining what is and isn’t anime can be difficult. So for this week’s question, let’s discuss…

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