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And now here are the results of the last poll…

Can series not created in Japan such as RWBY and Avatar be counted as anime?

Absolutely. I believe series like that to be anime. 3 votes

It can be. It has to meet certain criteria. 3 votes

Not a chance. 1

Of course, thanks to everyone who participated. To no surprise there was pretty much no clear winner with this poll and I didn’t expect there to be. This is a question with so many valid arguments for and against it that resolving it of course was not going to be simple.

So do I believe that series such as Avatar and RWBY can be classified as anime? In my opinion they can be classified as anime. I know there are a bunch of people that will scoff at me for thinking so. However, I have my reasons for taking this stance.

The first and more straight forward one is simply in the name itself. To be technical “anime” is literally a term for animation in Japan regardless of origin. From a Japanese perspective any animation is technically anime. The distinction between the country of origin is likely more pronounced outside of Japan than it is inside of Japan. So under that definition pretty much anything animated could technically be called anime. Since the term originates from Japan itself going by their definition does seem to make sense. However, I do concede that this argument on it’s own does not carry too much wait as simply looking at classic cartoon shorts and comparing them to something like Evangelion shows that the two are vastly different.

Defining anime can be tough

The second argument that I can make is that anime can be seen as a style of entertainment that differentiates it from other animation forms. Anime approaches it’s characters, narratives and settings in a different way than other animation. Since it is so diverse coming up with a complete definition of the style is difficult and could be a whole argument in itself but for me I see the anime style as follows. Anime can be seen as a form of entertainment with an emphasis on characterizations, narratives that explore a variety of themes, and distinct character designs. It covers a wide range of genres and topics. It has an aesthetic that sets itself apart from other forms of entertainment. It has changed and morphed over the years growing and changing with the demands and desires of it’s audience. This is a broad generalization of course but without writing a novel that is the best I can come up with. If it is a style of entertainment then the place of origin of the content really doesn’t matter. Series such as RWBY and Avatar clearly took inspiration from anime and just because they didn’t originate from the same place as series such as Dragonball doesn’t automatically exclude them from being seen in a similar light.

Some people may see me as being evil for taking this stance but I don’t care

So yes I do believe that not Japanese series can be classified as anime. The fact that some series do not originate in Japan doesn’t bother me. Instead I look at the spirit of a piece of entertainment. Since anime is diverse coming up with a set of rules to define exactly what is or is not anime is nearly impossible. With that fact in mind, then why can’t an outside piece of entertainment be classified as anime as the terms that define it are so broad. Anime in itself is this diverse monstrosity with really no bounds as to what stories it can tell, the characters it can portray, and the mediums that it itself takes inspiration from.

And now it is time to present the next poll question for you all.

For years people enjoying things such as video games, comics/manga or anime have been looked down upon. There are some who don’t see these hobbies/passions as a legitimate way to pass their time and some are even encouraged to cover up the fact that they enjoy such things. Because of the backlash that people can get some people are nervous about being open about their fandom especially in places such as school or work. There even have been some anime/manga series which have explored this topic. And while people have become more accepting in the last few years, there is still a bit of a stigma attached to some of these hobbies. For the next topic I would like to discuss..

I am curious as to what you all think so please respond to the poll here or on Twitter. Also please comment below as well with your thoughts. Hopefully I will get back to posting more consistently soon, I am working on the 100 follower appreciation post plus tossing around some more ideas for content. I want the appreciation post to be special so I am taking extra time on it for you guys. So apologies on the delay on that one.

So until next time, this is railgunfan75 signing off. Stay safe, stay respectful, and stay geeky my friends!