Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with another set review. This time I will be discussing the latest release in English- The Haruhi Extra Booster. Since I have already discussed the trial deck and full booster, I figured I should tackle the extra booster as well. The extra booster has cards from all four colors and contains 27 cards in total. Since there are few cards in this set, the number of cards I will discuss will be fewer than the Haruhi set review. I will start with yellow with contains 4 cards total. Of those four cards I will be discussing two of note. All images and translations are from and you can find the official English cards for this set (all of the cards were printed for the English release) on So let’s begin!

Kyon & Koizumi



Keyword 1: 超能力 (ESP)
Keyword 2: SOS団 (SOS Brigade)

[A] When this becomes Reversed, if the Level of the Battle Opponent of this is Level 0 or lower, you may send that Character to the Stock. If so, put the bottom card of your Opponent’s Stock in the Waiting Room.

This is the set’s 2nd level 0 reverser with this one sending the opponents character to stock. The Haruhi reverser is in my opinion a bit better because of the utility it offers but this card has its merits as well. This card gets rid of encore characters which is something that Haruhi can’t do. It also can potentially bury a climax or a key card which is already in stock. It is SOS Brigade trait as well so it synchronizes with many other cards in the set plus can serve as a nice color fix for yellow.  As the Haruhi reverser is fairly expensive, this can be a more budget friendly option to full that roll in a deck or a good option if you prefer stock reversers.  This is certainly a good card.

Kyon, Looking Up at the Sky 



[C] During your turn, this gains +1000 Power.

[A] ENCORE [Discard a Character card from hand to the Waiting Room]

In many sets this would be an average/bad card but in Haruhi this is a nice addition. With the sets supports, this can get to a decent power level on offenense. In addition since the power curve for this series is relatively low, any encore cards are welcome. The extra 1000 power on offense makes this a little more appealing the Haruhi encore level 1. Not a superb card but certainly worth your consideration in a yellow build.

Next up we have green which has 8 cards in total. Of those 8, there are 3 that I would like to discuss.

Mikuru, Wishing upon the Stars



Keyword 1: 時間 (Time)
Keyword 2: メイド (Maid)

[C] If there are 2 or fewer cards in your Stock, this gains +1500 Power.
[S] [(2)] Choose 1 of your ::Time:: Characters, and that Character gains +4000 Power for the turn.

While not (SOS) trait, this card could be worth running in such a deck regardless. It is not a bad option for a green color fix card mostly because of the first effect. In most decks, the second effect would likely only be used on itself lessening its value a bit. It of course in more functional in Mikuru centric decks which are considerably weaker than other builds. In general though this card is worth consideration as the conditional 3500 lvl 0 beater is never a bad choice.

Kyon & Mikuru, Time Travel



時間 (Time)
Triggers: None Keyword 2: SOS団 (SOS Brigade)

[C] All your other ::SOS Brigade:: Characters gain “[A] ENCORE [Discard a Character card from hand to the Waiting Room]”
[A] [Rest this] When another Character of yours is placed from the Stage to Clock, if this is Standing, you may pay cost. If so, put the top card of your Library in your Stock.

This is a really interesting utility card. Global encore of any kind has proven to be a useful ability. The clock encore givers are a little better but again considering the age and nature of the set, one can’t complain too much. In conjuction with some of the bigger level 1 and level 2 SOS Brigade characters in this set, this can help you to retain field pretty easily. This of course needs to be used with caution as hand size can diminish quickly but it still a useful tool. The cards second effect works with all of the change effects in this series as they all send a card to clock. The ability to recover a stock in a stock hungry set is just what Haruhi needed. This is a cool card that you may consider running 2 copies of.

Mikuru, Flower Viewing



 Keyword 1: 時間 (Time)
 Keyword 2: SOS団 (SOS Brigade)

[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, choose 1 of your Characters with either ::Time:: and/or ::SOS Brigade::, and that Character gains +1500 Power for the turn. 

This card isn’t amazing but it does have an ability which can very useful in conjuction with a couple of other cards particularly “Normal” Haruhi from the full booster. A 1500 power bump can be make a huge difference particularly at level 1.This card is certainly a harder inclusion because it is level 1 but if you are running the Haruhi card and running green then give this card a shot.

There are 9 red cards in this set of which I will discuss 6 of them.

Haruhi in Swimsuits



 Keyword 1:団長 (Brigade Chief)
 Keyword 2: 水着 (Swimsuit)

[A] [(2) Put this in Clock] When “End of Summer” is placed in your Climax Zone, you may pay cost. If so, choose 1 “Haruhi, Flower Viewing” in your Waiting Room and put it in the Slot this was in.


End of Summer


Triggers: 2 Soul


[C] All your Characters gain +2 Soul.

SY/WE09-14Haruhi, Flower Viewing


Keyword 1: 団長 (Brigade Chief)
Keyword 2: SOS団 (SOS Brigade)

This card has no effects. (Note the soul power is 1 soul not 2). 

So we have a climax combo change into a 2/2 10K Beater with one soul. I see this combo in a lot of deck lists and I can understand why. This could arguable be the best play for a red centric deck at level 1 besides “Usual” Haruhi. With the global Haruhi assist, the promo assist, and the level 1 assist in this extra booster, this could be sustained until level 3. The level 2 can get big which is something that comes at a premium in the Haruhi set. There are a few things to consider, however. This is likely best playing one copy at level 1 as playing multiples along with the assists needed to support this can be very stock heavy. Also the level 1 is not SOS Brigade so it really can’t be searched out. If the level 1 card were searchable by the level 1 event from the main booster, then this would be a really strong combo. Also if your meta has a lot of players with anti change cards, then your efforts could be for nothing. Regardless this is a good change combo to run in a Haruhi or SOS Brigade Deck.

“Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody” Haruhi



[A] [(1)] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, you may pay cost. If so, choose 1 ::SOS Brigade:: Character in your Waiting Room and return it to your hand.
[A] When this attacks, if “I Am Here” is in the Climax Zone, you may choose 1 Character in your Waiting Room and return it to your hand.


I Am Here



Triggers: 2 Soul

[A] When this is placed from hand to the Climax Zone, put the top card of your Library to your Stock, and all your Characters gain +1 Soul for the turn.

This is a card combo with a lot of upsides but has some noticeable downsides as well. For the positives, this is a great way to keep your hand size up. You first have a basic pay 2 salvage effect for SOS Brigade Characters. Since that is a viable build, this effect can be quite useful. With the climax combo the climax essentially becomes a Stock/Salvage/ Global Soul Card. This does not have a trait restriction so this can grab any card in the set. This is important because cards such as the level 3 Haruhi can’t be searched. On the flip side of this there are a couple of things which restrict this card’s effect. The first is that this is a traitless card so the set’s various trait based searched effects can’t target this card. The second is that you need a deck heavy in SOS Brigade characters for the on play effect to be useful. Overall a very good card combo but you do have to consider some things before using it.

Haruhi, Girl Who Changes the World



Keyword 1: 団長 (Brigade Chief)
Keyword 2: SOS団 (SOS Brigade)

[S] [Rest 1 of your ::SOS Brigade:: Characters] This gains +1000 Power for the turn.



Haruhi has a lot of good level zero cards and this one can serve as a beater under the right circumstances. This can get to 4500 power after you have rested a backrow of SOS characters. It is because it needs a backrow character at level 0 that this card is ok but not great. There is the insanely good red assist in this set which has a neat synergy with this card but if you don’t have it, it doesn’t do much. Plus the additional hand commitment necessary can really hurt you in a set which does not have consitent means of adding cards to hand. An ok card but there are better options.

Endless Eight



[C] You may have up to 8 cards sharing the same name as this in your Deck.
[Counter] Send this to Memory.
Choose 1 of your ::SOS Brigade:: Characters, and that Character gains +X Power for the turn. X = 1000 times # of “Endless Eight” in your Memory. 

This event has some very specific conditions to be effective. The first is that you have to be running an SOS Brigade deck with red cards in it. The second is that to gain the most effectiveness out of this card, it works best when you run the eight copies allowed. This event can make for a cool sounding theme deck and the possibility of backing up for 5000 or more is cool. However, practically speaking while this is a fun event, it isn’t very practical. You will rarely get 4 or more of these in memory unless you are just spamming this event and burning stock to do so. Cool card and a cool idea for a theme deck centered around this but it won’t give you a real competitive edge.

Finally. we have the blue cards. There are 6 in total of which 4 I would like to discuss.

Magician Nagato & Shamisen


Keyword 1: 宇宙人 (Alien)
Keyword 2: 動物 (Animal)

[A] When you use the BACKUP of this, if you have 2 or more ::Alien:: Characters, choose 1 of your Characters, and that Character gains +1000 Power for the turn.
[S] [Counter] BACKUP 1000, Level 1 [Discard this card from hand to the Waiting Room] 

A costless 200 power backup for the Nagato builds. These counters are always insanely good and this is arguably the best counter in the Haruhi series. This is one of the pieces that makes the Nagato decks probably the best that the series has to offer. This is just a good card.

Nagato, Summer Festival



Keyword 1: 宇宙人 (Alien)
Triggers: Soul Keyword 2: 仮面 (Mask)

[C] If you have 4 or more ::Alien:: Characters, this gets -1 Level while in your hand.
[A] When this attacks, if “Nights of Remaining Two Weeks” is in the Climax Zone, put up to 1 card from top of your Clock in your Waiting Room, and this gains +3000 Power for the turn.

Nights of Remaining Two Weeks



Triggers: Draw

[C] All your Characters gain +1000 Power and +1 Soul.

This card combo is a really good climax combo. The character lets you play it at level 2, so you get a 2 soul beater. In addition the climax combo lets you heal and increase its power by a significant number. The card reaches 13000 power before assists which is really sizable at level 2. In addition, you can heal as many times as you can play the climax. Finally, the climax is a book climax. This only works in Nagato centric decks but since that is one of the best builds in the set, that really doesn’t matter. Overall, a great combo.

Nagato, Flower Viewing



Keyword 1:宇宙人 (Alien)
Keyword 2: SOS団 (SOS Brigade)

[S] BRAINSTORM [(1)] Flip over the top 4 cards of your Library and put them in the Waiting Room. For each Climax card revealed this way, choose 1 of your ::Alien:: Characters, and that Character gains +2000 Power for the turn.

The final card doesn’t seem like anything spectacular but in a set with many cost 2 and 3 brainstorms this is a much needed addition.  Another addition to the Nagato builds, this card can help you level 1s or the level 3 Nagato I discussed earlier survive. The one real crime is that it is a level 2 for some weird reason which kills it’s effectiveness. The yellow brainstorm from the main set is still better than this because it is a level 0 but as a 1 of in a Nagato deck it isn’t a terrible option.

Overall the extra booster adds a few nice tools to the set. It doesn’t solve most of the set’s problems but it does give you a few more options and makes the Haruhi set more playable especially since it gives a nice boost to the blue centric decks. If you have already invested in the set, certainly give this extra booster a shot.It adds some fun things to the set. It fits the theme of the series overall with their being a lot of fun tech.  If you  hoping that it would change the English Meta around with it’s release than you will be disappointed. It will imporve your Haruhi decks but just don’t expect them to be taking down Kantai or Attack on Titan anytime soon.

So this concludes my set review for the Haruhi extra booster. What are your thoughts concerning this set? Was there a card or cards which I should have discussed?  Please leave them in the comments below.If you enjoyed this post please leave it a like. Also please follow me on Twitter (@Railgunfan75) and on Facebook (Railgunfan75’s geek blog). I also have content on MadMaz Reviews ( So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off. See ya!