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Bio: Hi and thanks for checking out my blog! I am from the awesome state of Wisconsin in the USA and have lived here my entire life. As long as I can remember, I have been a geek. I grew up playing video games on my NES. Whenever I had the money I would collect and read comic books. I even played the Magic and Pokemon TCGs at one point. My favorite thing to study while I was in school were the sciences. Definition of geek right there. Now that I am an adult, my geek passions have not wavered. In fact they have grown. I am currently still playing video games, I have a comic book collection (mostly DC comics), and I have been an anime/manga fan since 2012. I also play an awesome TCG called Weiss Schwarz. The purpose of this blog is share my thoughts about a wide variety of topics from comics to anime to just about anything geek related that I think of. I hope to be able to start some discussions as well and will try to post on open ended topics whenever possible. Again thanks for checking out the blog!

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  1. Nice blog! I love your posts, especially since I’m also a fan of anime, conventions, and geeky stuff 😀 I look forward to your future posts, keep on being awesome!

  2. Thank you for following my blog and thanks for the compliment! I enjoy sharing my passions with other people and am thrilled that people are reading and enjoying my content! I am currently working on new content and hope to have it ready soon. Thanks again! I also look forward to future content from you blog as well-keep up with the awesome posts!

    1. The Re:Zero English sets should be an exact copy of the Japanese releases. I have discussed the trial decks and cards from set 1. Here are some links:


      I have a post for each color and separate posts for the trial decks. There were no green cards in the set. I have reviewed set 1 and the trial decks so far. I look at every card in the trial decks and a select amount of noteworthy or interesting cards so it won’t have every card discussed. I plan on doing set 2 stuff hopefully before the release in English. My hope is to sort of give a preview for the English players and inform those who play JP sets. Please feel free to message me with any more questions and hope the posts help.

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