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Otaku Opinions #8 (9-24-20)

Greetings! We are back with the 8th installment of Otaku Opinions. Thanks again for all of the support that this series has received! Now onto the results for last week’s poll! Do you have a set of rules which dictate whether you keep watching or drop an anime? Absolutely! I only want to watch the […]

Why am I Drawn to Emotional/Depressing Anime?

Greetings! After an exhausting week, I decided to take part in Sentai Filmworks digital screening of Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul. (I serious recommend checking out this film, it is superb). I got my computer connected to my large screen television, got my favorite cold beverage and strapped in for a wild […]

Chibi Reviews: Isekai Quartet

Greetings! Welcome to the first instalment of the reformatted Chibi Reviews. When I decided to bring this back, there was a series which immediately came to mind that would be perfect to discuss. This series involves Chibi style characters and also happens to be a short form series with episodes clocking in at around 10 […]

Otaku Opinions #7 (9-17-2020)

Greetings! We have made it to week 7 of Otaku Opinions and as usual I would like to thank everyone for the support of this series so far. The support has been a great motivator to keep me going and hopefully I can keep providing interesting topics for you. I’ll admit I had a misstep […]

Otaku Opinions #6 (9-10-2020)

Greetings! Welcome to week 6 of Otaku Opinions. I apologize for this post coming a bit late as I hit some technical issues in getting this to you. The feedback continues to be awesome for this series and I thank you. I also want to thank those who gave me their opinions for the 100 […]

Otaku Opinions #5 (9-3-2020)

Greetings! We have arrived at the 5th installment of Otaku Opinions. I am excited to be back with yet another discussion topic this week. This series has gathered a lot of support and I thank everyone who has voted and commented. It has been great to get your opinions! Now on to the results of […]

Chibi Reviews 2.0- New and Improved!

Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with a brief update. A couple of years back I had a blog post series called Chibi Reviews where I was writing miniature reviews of anime series/films. These were meant to be a shorter and more casual discussion of some anime. I attempted it for a few series and it really didn’t […]

Otaku Opinions #4 (08-27-2020)

Greetings! Welcome to Otaku Opinions, the weekly series where I discuss various Otaku themed topics with you the readers. This is already the 4th installment of the series and we have had some great discussions so far. I hope to keep the train going with yet another new topic this week. So here are the […]

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