Greetings! After a couple of long and crazy months, I am happy to be back posting again. I can’t say that things have completely calmed down for me but they are starting to trend in the right direction. I had hoped to comeback sooner such as two months ago but that clearly didn’t happen. I have come to realize that I need to just make some time to write- not in a I’m forcing myself to do a chore type of way- but in the I need to make time for fun activities type of way. I have always enjoyed blogging despite my various breaks in doing so. I really have fun interacting with you all and I need that now more than ever. So yes I am formulating a comeback plan. I can’t/won’t promise any regular content series like many of you do but I can just post about random anime related stuff that I want to talk about. While I have had to scale back my anime viewing a bit, there are still a lot of great series and topics that I would like to talk about. I can’t give you a regular posting schedule but I will do my best to post more often than once every two months lol.

Speaking of stuff that I want to talk about- the blog is approaching a milestone! Soon the blog will reach 300 posts! That 300 times I’ve reached out to the community. This is a totally crazy number especially considering my irregular blogging and the fact that I am pretty anti social. Anyway since it is a big milestone, I wanted to hear from everyone as to special content that you would want to see. I’m open to stuff like a Q&A, a reader requested series review, top 10 lists, etc. I would love to hear from you as to what you want to see! As this post is #295, I’m hoping to to reach that milestone soon so send any suggestions you have to me in the comments or on Twitter soon! It is because of you all that the blog reached that point so I want to thank you for your support by giving you guys some say as to the content for the special occasion!

As a quick aside despite my crazy life I have been keeping up with at least some of the currently airing anime. There are too many great continuations that have dropped in recent months to ignore and a few great new properties as well. As to which one’s specifically, well I’ll hold off on mentioning them for now. It’s more fun to announce them with a new post! I’m looking forward to talk about these series with you all!

I’m excited to be back and hopefully I can provide you with some great content going forward. Don’t be surprised if I experiment with new content formats along the way. If I do and like/hate the new content, I look forward to hearing your feedback on it. Also I am always open to recommendations on new anime/manga to check out. No guarantees as to when I will get to it but I am always open to find new and great stuff to enjoy. Hopefully you will continue to support me going forward. Heck if you are even reading this after my two plus month vanishing act than thanks! Well that is all I have for you today. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off! Stay safe, stay respectful, and stay geeky my friends!