Greetings! The holiday is season is always touted as a time for miracles, a time where special things can happen to those who really need it. This is the time of the year for stories of such events, those stories which are meant to remind us that good things do happen to people and those things can sometimes occur in unexpected places. The subject of today’s post is one such film. This film is a holiday film in it’s purest sense something which for obvious reasons is not something you typically see in anime. This is the oldest film that I will be discussing this week though I only just discovered it withing the last few days after seeing constant recommendations for it . The film which will be discussed is Tokyo Godfathers.


One Christmas Eve, three homeless people – an alcoholic named Gin, a trans woman and former drag queen Hana, and a runaway girl Miyuki – discover an abandoned baby. Found with the baby is a note asking the finder to take care fo the baby and clues which could lead to the parents’ identity. The trio sets out to find the baby’s parents. Along the way they not only meet many interesting characters, discover the story of the baby’s family, and confront their own pasts.


I have seen of lot of recommendations for this floating around online between YouTube and other blogs/websites. Because this film came with such praise, I had high expectations when I finally found a means to watch it. I can honestly say that this film did not disappoint one bit.

I will certainly say that after watching this film, you will not soon forget about the cast of characters of this film. Our three main characters Gin, Hana, and Miyuki are all wonderful characters. The three characters are all fun, likeable, and a bit quirky. The three of them form an oddball sort of family unit. The three squabble and bicker all of the time but they look out for each other. I kept thinking that while watching this film that three were related. That is one of the strengths of Tokyo Godfathers, the bond and interactions between our main cast. While the cast are a strong group, all three individuals are strong on their own. You know that each of them has been through a lot and have more to them then they seem. All three characters are a prime example of how you can be a a good person. They are in a position where some people wouldn’t even consider helping anybody else but not only do they look out for each other, they also go to great lengths to ensure that the child they found is returned safely. That is a powerful statement to make with your characters and it is one which we all can relate to.

The story of Tokyo Godfathers is one of hope and redemption. Our characters all find themselves in a world where no one wants to be in. However, the events of the story give them the opportunity to reflect on their past mistakes. All three of the characters are where they are at for a reason. The events also give them the opportunity to show that it doesn’t matter what hand life has dealt you, you can still do the right thing. It is certainly a message that we all can relate to. One would think that with such a message that the narrative would be a drama filled and heavy. Any while there are plenty such moments in the story there are also plenty of funny moments as well. Our characters find themselves in many odd and interesting scenarios. They even find themselves helping a crime boss at one point who found himself in a rather amusing scenario. The film doesn’t try too hard with it’s humor, using it’s characters as a natural means of providing a few laughs. The narrative has a great balance of touching and laughter inducing moments.

Such a story doesn’t work without an animations style to help convey it’s message. Tokyo Godfathers executes this to perfection. The style is grounded and realistic with a somewhat muted color pallet. The character designs are more typical of an older work with the more realistic designs. When needed, the character expressions reach that exaggerated point but it does not feel out of place. I am an oddball and still love the old type of animation. There is a beauty to it that the modern styles just can’t capture. I’m honestly don’t feel that the film would be quite the same with the modern styles. They tend to be too clean which would kill the atmosphere of the film. Overall, I thought that the animation was gorgeous. The movie also boasts a soundtrack which really captures the holiday and the events of the story.

So would I recommend this film? We keep the streak alive with another strong yes. I loved every aspect of the film from the amazing animation to the oddball characters and character dynamics to the films’ story and message. Tokyo Godfathers is a tale about how doing the right thing can lead to good things for yourself and others. It’s message is one that we need year round but works great during the holiday season. If you are looking for a great addition to your holiday viewing list or just an awesome movie, check this out. If you are curious, you can check this film on the Sony Crackle streaming service which is free to use and available on many devices.

Have you seen Tokyo Godfathers? What did you think of it? Please comment below or message me on Twitter (@railgunfan75) or Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog) with your thoughts. Since today is December 31st, this will be my last post of 2018. This will also be the final film discussed in this event, but worry not I plan to discuss more films in the coming year. There were a few that I didn’t have to discuss this week and would still like to. So I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off! Happy Holidays and See you next year!