Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with a brief introduction to a new series of posts which I am plan on starting. Manga Corner will be my series of posts discussing of course manga. The series will focus primarily on series reviews and will include occasional chapter reviews of ongoing series. The hope of this new series will be to continue to expand the content of this blog and to potentially introduce some new series to the readers.Since I have doing anime reviews, I figured I would branch out to the source material as well.  Many of my reviews will be on ongoing series so the format of the reviews will be changed a bit from my anime reviews. The series will be ranked into three categories: Must read- these are for the best of the best series, Recommended- ranking given to series which are worth reading but have some flaws, and finally Skip It for those series which are just not that good of a read. I will explore three things in these reviews, story, characters, and the artworks ability to tell the story. As with my anime reviews, no numeric scores will be given.

I wish to also make it clear that my other content is not going away as I know that many people enjoy the content that I have been posting. Anime reviews and impressions will continue along with the Weiss Schwarz and other content. This new series will just change the pace of the blog a little bit from time to time. The first entry in mt Manga Corner series will be a discussion of the manga Fairy Tail. I hope that people will enjoy this series just as they have enjoyed my previous ones. As for my other content my next Weiss Schwarz deck profile will be on my Log Horizon deck. I am working on strategy posts as well. From the anime side of things, reviews are planned for Sword Art Online II, Cowboy Bebop, Fairy Tail and A Certain Magical Index. So that is all for this brief post. Thanks for reading and if you have any recommendations please leave a comment below. Until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off!