Greetings! Railgunfan75 here! This is the first of a new series of posts where I briefly (and yes I mean briefly) give my thoughts on series which are still currently airing. I am going to try to discuss series anime or western which are generating a lot a buzz and will give my opinion as to whether they are worth a watch. I won’t go into a lot of depth concerning these series as that is better served for a full review. The first series which I will address is the highly talked about Akame ga Kill.



The Premise

Akame ga Kill centers around the main protagonist Tatsumi as he journeys to the Capital. He intends to join the army to earn some money to send home to his village. However, he soon discovers that the Capital is not the place of glory he once thought as he is separated from his friends and captured by a noble family. While captured, Tatsumi discovers his friends have been tortured and killed.  The family intends to do the same to him however, he is rescued by a troupe of assassins who invite him to join them. The series follows Tatsumi and the members of the group as they fight against the tyranny and corruption of the kingdom.


This series had me hooked after the first episode. The series wastes no time in establishing the issues that the characters are facing and the dark nature of the series. While the plot does have its comedy moments, this series is really quite dark and definitely suited for mature audiences. The plot so far has been quite engrossing with the writers setting up the next episode brilliantly. The premise itself is certainly an awesome one, and in the early going the series has been living up to the expectations that such an idea would promise.

So far all of the characters have been quite likeable and relateable with ample screen time given to the cast. The main character Tatsumi has grown considerably as a character which is a nice touch for a male lead. The series namesake Akame is also another highlight as a character who has many dimensions. There have been a lot of characters introduced but it is not overwhelming. As the series progresses, you find out one by one the history behind the characters and the reason they do what they do. This is really a nice touch and increases the connection with all of these characters. While they are assassins, it becomes very easy to root for them as heroes even though the characters themselves will admit that what is do is far from heroic.

The animation to this point has been quite gorgeous to look at and the series does not try to cover up the gore and violence. From the action sequences to the quieter moments, it is clear that great care has been taken with presenting this cool and interesting story. The opening and closing themes are quite enjoyable and really fit the nature of the series. I also to this point have found the soundtrack to be quite enjoyable to this point.

In summary, if you are looking for a mature thought provoking series, Akame ga Kill certainly has delivered in that regard. There is really nothing negative to this point that can be said about this series to this point. If you haven’t checked out this series yet, I recommend that you do.

So that concludes my first impressions of Akame ga Kill. These thoughts are of the series up to episode 12, with a full review upon series completion. The next in this series will be my first impression of Sword Art Online II. Also coming in the future, reviews of Infinite Stratos, The Devil is A Part Timer, Steins;Gate, and Fairy Tail series 1. Weiss Schwarz deck profiles and content are coming as well, once I figure out the best format to present it. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off and telling you to unleash your inner geek!

Akame ga Kill is available for streaming on Crunchyroll. New episodes are released every Sunday with the series currently on episode 12.