Greetings everyone! Railgunfan75 here. Yes you read that correctly, I have decided that it is time to give this another go. I have certainly missed sharing and discussing anime with everyone (as I knew I would) and have looked at other ways that I could approach blogging.

Towards the end of my last stint, writing became a real chore. I found myself pushing to get out as much content as possible. At it’s peak I was doing one post per week (sometimes more) and the pressure of keeping it up just didn’t make it fun anymore. I told myself when I hung it up the last time that if I were to comeback it would have to be with some changes to how I approached things.

And I did come up a major change in my philosophy to blogging . The main thing will be not to pressure myself to any goals. I will just simply write what I want when I have the time. This is going to a stress relief activity for me not a stress inducing one- trust me I have enough stress right now. I also have upgraded to a better computer and have worked out some ways to spend some more time blogging.

As for content… well I hope to do brief posts on my thoughts of a series, short essays on anime and manga topics (such as cool characters, etc.) and of course some Weiss Schwarz content. I am going to experiment with some new ways to do deck profiles, condense down set overviews (doing top 5 cards of a set) or just talk about cool card combos that a set has to offer.

I wanted to conclude by giving a huge thank you to all of you who sent messages of support when I walked away last time. Your support has been absolutely amazing and it was on display at that time. I hope that my new format will give you some interesting reading and that you give me the same awesome support that you did last time. I hope that I can really make this work as I have missed being part of this community. At the time of this post being published I have something ready for your consumption. It will be up shortly. Until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off. Remember to show consideration and respect to others around you no matter what your differences are especially in these difficult times. It goes a long way. Stay safe out there. And remember to stay geeky my friends!