Greetings! I am back with week 3 of Otaku Opinions! I first wanted to say that thanks to everyone for supporting this series and contributing to the discussions. The response has been better that I thought it would be. There have been some excellent points brought up in the first couple of topics and I hope that the trend continues.

So last week I asked you all what your opinions were on anime opening/ending credits sequences. As I mentioned in my anime circle I know people who love them and people who hate them. I was curious as to what you the ani-blogging community thought about them. So without any further delay, here are the responses from both the blog survey and Twitter.

Do you enjoy watching the anime opening and ending credit sequences?

Yes! I watch these for every episode! 3 votes

Nah! Bring on the next episode! 0 Votes

Meh. I could take them or leave them. Some are better than others. 3 votes

So we have a tie between ” I love them” and “Some are better than others”. I honestly thought that based off people I’ve talked to and opinions that I’ve read on line that we would have seen quite a few detractors on this topic. Though of course the amount of votes is small enough where not seeing any is more than possible.

It’s been awesome receiving feedback during these discussions. Thanks to all who have taken the time to comment!

There were some comments that I received during this poll. One of the comments received was from The Otaku Author who said ” I love OPs and EDs, but hate it when the animation contains spoilers for the series which seems to happen a lot.”. I agree with this statement. The inclusion of spoilers in an credits sequence can cause a series to be less interesting and exciting.What fun is it when we already know the fate of a character or significant event because we see what is going to happen before a story begins? I have had moments where I could see a “twist” coming because it was included in the credits and it honestly took me out of the moment. The other thing that bugs me is that by doing this it just shows that the people behind the series were just kind of lazy. By just tossing in a bunch of scenes from the series in the OP you don’t have to reanimate anything or really do much planning. It impacts the impression that you want to give the viewer. If they didn’t care to put in any effort to excite you for their show, did they slack off during the story itself? It is a valid question to ask.

I don’t what to know what happens before the story starts. What’s the point.?

The best sequences either provide character intros or give you very brief glimpses about events or imply something and only give you enough information to catch your interest. Seeing screenshots with no context can lead the viewer to a wrong or incomplete conclusion and that type of foreshadowing is a lot of fun. It is a fine line to tread but it can be done. I appreciate the feedback and having the option to expand on the topic a little further.

So where does my opinion land on this topic? I certainly fall into the love them category. I enjoy watching the animated sequences many of which are either done in quite a creative manner or in an insanely high animation quality. I enjoy getting myself pumped up at the start of the episode or having the time at the end of the episode to process what happened. I love that in many cases the sequences become an entertainment experience in itself and more than just text on a black screen.

The animation quality on some of the credits sequences are amazing.

The main draw for me are the songs themselves. I am the type of person who needs to have music on in the background when doing any sort of work. As a kid I actually received a radio for my bedroom before a television. The music kept me focused and motivated on finishing my school work. I also was never gifted with the ability to play music, I had tried to learn an instrument a few times but with no success. And while I couldn’t play I always figured that enjoying it would be the next best thing. As an adult, I put on music when doing chores or any non-TV related activity and always have music on hand when I’m at my office desk. For me it is a stress relief valve and a reminder of good times that I’ve had. If there was a video game or movie I liked, I would hunt down the soundtrack and pop it on to my music device.

This continued when I got into anime. One of the first things that impressed me about anime was the fact that the credits had more than just generic instrumental tunes like many western TV shows. The fact that they had vocal songs I thought was really cool. And those songs were from different types of music styles from jazz to rock/pop or some easy listening. I still don’t understand most of the lyrics to the songs but I never cared about that. The music sounded great and not to sound cliche but “the songs made me feel” despite the language barrier. Now I have a massive collection of anime theme songs and when I am away from home or occupied with something those songs are a nice reminder of the fun I’ve had with anime and a reminder that I have more anime to look forward to once the task is done. It is also a fun way to turn some heads when people who are not into anime hear an anime song. They either call you weird or ask for more information. Either option is fun for me as I either laugh them off or tell them about one of my favorite shows.

This is me when I find a theme song that I like!

And now it is time for the next topic. For this weeks topic, I wanted to dive a little bit into how everyone picks the anime that they watch. Some of the potential selling points for a new series are the director, the writer, and the studio. In promotional videos you usually see a few key individuals highlighted as a means to pique interest in a new series/movie. I know that there are fans out there where the people behind the project and there are some that don’t really care. So this weeks’ question is…

I would love to hear from concerning this topic so please vote and comment below or on Twitter (@railgunfan75) with your thoughts. The poll will also be on Twitter as well. If you have a topic that you would like to see voted on/discussed feel free to let me know and it will be featured on a future post. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off. Stay safe, stay respectful, and stay geeky my friends!