Greetings! One of things that I love about anime is that you can find a stories which harken back to different times in our lives. I discussed a film which explored childhood in Mirai , have another film discussion planned which covers adolescence, and today’s film explores the time of young adulthood which can be among the most fun and important time in out lives. This film tells a simple story of a man who will go to great lengths to get the girl. And it tells the story of a young woman who wishes to have a fun and uninhibited night on the town. This movie takes a simple and adds in fun and hijinks mixed with some sophistication. The subject of Day 3 of the 2018 Movie Special is…The Night is Short, Walk on Girl.


The film follows a night out for two university students: an woman referred to as “The Girl with Black Hair” and an man referred to as “senpai”. The Girl with Black Hair is having a fun night out on the town while the senpai plans to confess his romantic feelings for the kouhai to her that night. Unfortunately, his attempts are repeatedly thwarted throughout the evening due to many interesting circumstances. Along the way both characters encounter the various inhabitants of the city from criminals to deities and it seems like that two characters will not be destined to have their fateful encounter. However, things happen for a reason and the night will prove to include more excitement than either could imagine.


I actually traveled a fair distance to have the opportunity to check out this film in theaters. I was willing to travel about 30 miles into another city to give this film a shot. When I saw the trailers for this film at other events, I was certainly intrigued by the visual style and the premise that was introduced. Fortunately, I was impressed by the film and it proved to be worth the effort to see it.

Overall, I thought that that plot was incredibly well executed and it was certainly an area of surprise. The story of the film is one that is filled with wacky and seemingly nonsensical events. The plot jumps back and forth between characters and hops between locations. These individual events in themselves are certainly worth the price of admission as many of them are actually quite hilarious. I honestly have rarely laughed so much at a comedy especially at a film that has released recently. Much of the laughter comes from the plots many absurd situations. It works because of the insane visuals present in this film. The visual style of the film allows you to suspend reality enough to buy into the things that are happening on screen. Also, the comedy and commentary are certainly of a mature level in this story. Absurd comedy is a tough act to pull off, but this film does it remarkably well. The thing that I found absolutely fascinating about this film is how effortlessly the story brings all of the “random” characters and points together by the end of the film. Many TV series can’t pull off this trick but it manages to be done to perfection in the film and it deserves praise for that.

Any story such as this would fall flat if it weren’t for a great cast of characters. The Night is Short, Walk on Girl boasts an amazing cast of characters. You can’t help but love The Girl with the Black Hair as her energy and kindness are contagious. She is a fun character to follow around the town with. Being fun and free spirited, she ends up inspiring others to just have a good time. She is also a bit oblivious to what is happening around her at times. However, that adds to the comedy of the plot and also adds to her charm. You can definitely see why the character has caught the attention of Senpai. The character of “Senpai” is also incredibly well done. His determination and drive to make the night successful paired with the incredibly insane situations he finds himself in make for a compelling character. You just feel bad for everything that this poor guy goes through. The movie also boasts an incredible supporting cast as well. Discussing them would tread dangerously close to spoiler territory but let’s just say that screen time is not wasted in this film with boring characters.

One major area where this film shines is in it’s art style. The Night is Short, Walk on Girl certainly stands out with it’s animation. The character designs mix realism but leave room for the expressions needed to execute the comedy of the film. The backgrounds and environments are certainly atypical of what you see in most films. The art style mixes realism with just enough abstract pieces to remind you of the bizarre nature of the nights’ events. It really fits the story in my opinion. I also found the color pallet choices to be quite cool to look at. The color pallets allowed to really place an emphasis on the key points of many scenes. They also really helped to set the night time mood of the story. It is fascinating to just watch the backgrounds and scenery when watching this film. The soundtrack to this film was also quite fun to listen to as well. The overall experience is certainly one to enjoy especially if you are looking for something that is outside the norm.

So would I recommend this film? The answer is a resounding yes. This film is amazingly funny, has a memorable cast of characters, a cool art story and story which is really hard to forget. If you haven’t checked out this film, I certainly recommend that you do when it releases on Blu-ray in January. It is really worth your time.

So that concludes Day 3 of the 2018 Movie Special. Were you able to see The Night is Short, Walk On Girl? If you did, what did you think of ther movie? Please comment below or message me on Twitter (@Railgunfan75) or Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog). So now onto the announcement for Day 4. The film I will be discussing next is…. A Silent Voice.  I have been anxious to discuss that film for a while and am excited to talk about it. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off. Happy Holidays!